Eric Daman i lovee youu

You gotta love this guy!! he's the jenius behind awesomecrazyfantastic clothes in Gossip Girl.. ( well I watch it with my sista, and they busy clossing my eyes at kissing scene .. hahahha ) and for more reason for you and me to love him.. he's doing high fashion editorial for visionaire , the face and I.D ( awwhh I love I.D so mucchh!! ) how cool is that?? he's suddenly become the man in everything I falling in love with .. so muaaccchh muaacch for Daman! and as we all know the best part of Blair and Serena style is when they using they uniform and twisted into a fantastic style,, that awesome preppy chic!

and for your eyes pleasure here's some his job, in preppy chic! you gotta love this!
xoxo chacha