my ( hopefully one day ) prom dress

when i first see the drees. i'm freak out! it absolutely gergous!!! so I speak to my self ... one day.. you'll see one day I'm gonna wear that dress on my prom night...( err... it still like... hmm how many years? hmm.. *thinking.. sorry i'm not to good with number .... yeaahh whatever! it's stuill a couple years to come... I have all the time for my preparation! ) maybe not that dress, but that kindda dress... ahh this is peter jensen dress for top shop...

it always make me giggle everytime I see someone who using cinderella kindda dress to her prom... come on! be rational! for that one moment in time, why you hurting yourself with looking so damn ridicilous... it kindda bring tears to my eyes ( for laughing.. not crying )... noo i dont want to be one of the girl that look her old photos and says "waaw.. i was soo weird back then... look at my clothes.. " and hahahaha... ( come on girls dont you realize? you just make fun of yourself! ) i want to be the girl who's seeing her old photo and said "waaw look at me, I'm absolutely gergous!"

soo would you join me!