another fashion time!!!

Okay this is another fashion time! yaayy this is fun !!! i can do it over and over again! this time I'm gonna show what I'm gonna do with soo simple white shirt, and I'm using bell bottom pants ( Katie holmes use it over and over again, so I guess its gonna be trend! ) well, I dont really care if it's not, I will wear it's so comfy... and I think it looks so cute on me ( haha!) soo let the fun begiiinn.. teng tereteng teng ( it start to really annoying eh? hhehehe) and about the shoes I use the same one that I use in previous photoshoot, I'm too lazy to take my other shoes... ahh stop the crappy crap! lets the fun begin!
1. as you can see the first set is soo simple , white shirt, blue bell bottom pants, and light green bretel... ( ahh remind me to cut my hair,, it's already too loong,,,)

white shirt : giordano for kids
blue bell bottom pants : GAP for kids
bretels : my sista property, ( well her's is mine ..hehehe)
shoes : GAP for kids

2. nooww I'm gonna added some stuff, ( and I think its kinnda cute :D ) I dont know why but my looks kindda remind me of shanghai ...
same as picture above +
black cap : ZARA for kids
white sweater : GAP for kids
blue shawl : GAP for kids
white bag : Dior cannage bag ( is not from Dior for kids collection, its actually a small bag from Dior, it so cuteee isn't? )

3. its a secrettt...ssshh but actually I'm kindda boyish! and I love using boy stuff! and now its time to make my look kindda boyish!!

this time I'm added
red hat : ZARA ( no not for kids, hehe the only benefit I got for having a big head )
kefiyyeh : ZARA (I love this one so much!)
polkadot cardigan : ZARA for kids ( I love this one too! I even have another color of this one )

4. Just mixed it up! and whoaalaah tottaly different look :D I think this whole set is so blueish!

I added
blue hat : ZARA ( love this hat at the first sight! soo nautical!)
blue shawl : GAP for kids
gun coin purse : andy warholl limited edition collection from NYC ( geezz I love him!)

5. because I think the set before is too blueish I just wanna add some cool colors on it,,,

multicolor shawl : bought in small boutique at kebayoran ( I'll tell you something, there's so many hidden treasure in boutiques at kebayoran!)

6. loove this blazer so much ( is blazer isn't?) and I think they gonna mixed well together...

blazer : from japan
long small black and white shawl : my sis property
silver shoes : ZARA for kids

7. ahh I forget to add some badge on my cute blazer! ( ahh I collect badge and pins! I'll show you my collection some other time :D )so I added one that I think suites well! and I think blue sweater cap is soo cool!

blue cap: bought in some mall in Bandung
wing heart badge : its a gift from my friend

8. Granny look... hehehe after some boyish, lets bring some girl inside of me shall we? :) I think I look so girlie in this outfit :) this time I'm not using the long holder from the bag, and whalaah I get tottaly girlie look..
light blue cardigan : from korea ( heyy I do look like a girl from korea right? )

9. too bad this pic looks small, its my favorite! I look so japanese with the super cute blazer! I look like a Japanese student! super kawai! :) and I know you all love my bag! I love it too!

I added
blue blazer : from Japan
the pin : some of it I get from pin button books! and the rest I cant remember
the bag : well I got from my sis as a birthday gift,,,

10. the last is not to special, I just change the bag for more relax day... and I lovve my Ipod so much! esp. the cover! SO CUTE! and I love the headphone so much! is from it!

get jig! everybodyhh!!!

bag : charles jourdan from paris