Thanks for all the people that pray for my health :D I'm getting well now... and I'm happy :D.. why? I just got myself a new glasses today! yiippie!!! and I can eat pancake as much as I want! (I love pancious pncake so so so much ) and a vanilla milkshake too, fyi. )I only drink mineral water and milkshake or milk... not like a thousand kids out there, I dont like soda. coke, or anything similar .... ) ahh I love my new glasses! it looks cool, and the best part is, that glasses is really are for kids ( use to be i bought a tenage glasses ) its from gap for kids.
check this out, and tell me that I do look cool ... hehehhe.

actin' stupid * :D

and ahh this is my sick face.. I look so messy.. :(