Holla back!!!

Hollaaaaa...you know what? i've been miss this blog so much. dont know why is so hard to take sometime ( even so so so lil time) to put something in this blog. i always think that 24 hours a day and 7 days a week is to short! dont ya? yeahh cut the crap... i think i'm gonna make some schedule for this blog, promise myself to write something in this blog, even only once a week ( well hope so more than that ). i really curious about how i'm gonna feels when i'm 17 or 18 or 21 or when i have my own kids and i still have a link to this blog, so i can read all the stupid little things i wrote.. what am i gonna think? geezz i hope not "God i'm so lazy back then" hahahaha. well just wait and see... time would tell.

January is almost end already,, yay! time goes so fast isn't? i'm not even start making resolution ( my sist always make resolution list, but i think its only list. ) but i hate making resolution thingie its a burden actually that you put on yourself, cause i wont make a long list if i'm not planing to make it come true, well face it, it's only wasting time, and on the end of the year you'll be blame yourself when none of your list being check ( unless you write "add 1 more year to my age" on your list ). its more fun to make my achievement. let see,, i guess my achievement in 2008 is :

1. this blog! get to know so much people. seeing so many great faboulous and smart people around the world. seriously it make my laptop more usefull. and make me way way more familiar with photography thing and fashion of course :). and in here i can say anything that i cant say to my daddy or my sister or my nanny.

2. i'm learning wushu! ok it's hell at first, i cant help myself for not ouuching cos its hurt after hard exercise. but i guess the joy i've get just pay the price. and i think my daddy right. i'm a girl, i have to learn how to defend myself in this scarry world. if for that i have to work so damn hard so be it.

3. i have my driver license!!!... ( whaaattt?? you are kid for God sake!) hey hey hey,, chill will you? but thats true,, i have my driver license. so i can drive around the town. in a small beautifull world called "kidzania" haahaha,,, it's a small version of a city, where all the kids have to work hard to get something and learn to get a job like a grown up did! and you have to trough some test before get the license. and i have mine! yihhaaa...so wanna ride with me?
- this is my prove

4. learn some new style in my swimming lesson.

5. ahh this one is important! i ( ok with my nanny) was...was... was....baking my own cookie!!!! ok now my journey to a land called "woman" is almost complete.

I guess thats all, well i'm gonna put another thing if i remember anything else. and oh yeah i get bored with my old lay out, planning to change it.. but to lazy to make a new one.. so please bare with me.
and oh yeahh maybe i'm gonna post some pics from my birthday. nothing special. but i think i would love to share it with you guys.

hugs and kisses.