i'm a purple panther!

yes i am! well that's according to DOUBUTSU URANAI got this fun application when i'm stumble accros kak jude blog :D it is super fun. they tell your personality based on your name and your date of birth :D .

here's the result :

You are Purple Panther who tends to be precautious, and unlike your gentle atmosphere you are strong-minded and courageous woman.
You don't listen to other people, and carry out with your opinion.
Although you don't possess coolness to see things objectively, and analyze subjects intelligently, you have great natural instinct.
You have flexible thoughts, and can lead life with perseverance.
You will not miss opportunity.
You can adapt and sort out difficulties that you come across.
You can face the things that interest you with unusual effort and spirit, but you will not even try to see those things that you are not interested.
You seem like a gentle and kind person, but really you possess lots of problems and are always struggling within yourself.
People are unable to understand your complicated feelings.
This increase your problems further.
You are a person with great dreams and are active and possess straight forward baldness.
You can show this talent in your career.
You will not be able to stay quietly at home as a housewife

hihihi i'm so surprised, they've done a good job. what do you think?

why dont you check yours?