ok i know.. i know

ok i knoww,,, it's freakin late to say this, but like all lazy, careless people out there says "BETTER LATE THAN NEVER" right? well the truth is, it's been a busy busy busy week for me since the new year day.
here's the short list. celebrate new year with my family in hotel at some beach, and celebrate my birthday after that ( we celebrate my b'day in 2th january, which is friday) the next day i have my wushu ( it's some kungfu martial art.. in case you dont know.. ) private lesson ( from 1 pm - 6 pm gossshh,,, ) and do the same thing on the next day ( same hours) ... and the school is waiting for me on monday and also my extra lesson after school, not forget to mention my swimming lesson on tuesday and thursday... see i have all my reason...