15 things Guys dont know about Girls

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15 things Guys ( or in my case 'boys') dont know about Girls

got this from kak cassey blog.... and i think i really need make one to0. so here it is. ohh boys you don't how lucky you are to get all these secret. so let's start :

1. we always know that you chase us because your friend does

2. well we dont mind. may the best win

3. believe us, we know the reason you annoyed us because you fall for us

4. we just pretend we don't know

5. don't ever ever pull our skirt, it's not funny and it's rude!

6.or our hair, if you do so! you die!

7. don't ever be the 'clown' of the class to get our attention, it's just not working.

8. we always know when you secretly starring at us during class.
9. and we enjoy every second of it ( but don't get me wrong, it's not always mean that we love you back )

10. got something on your mind? and to shame (scare) to tell? just wrote a note. we love honest letter.

11. yes, you do more attractive if you are good at sport.

12. dont call us by our parents name, and think it's funny. it's not.
13. if you feel that we keep distance from you, thats mean we just not that into you.

14. try harder! we worth every effort. and for God sake, do it the right way! JUST BE NICE, how hard could it be?

15. smart boys is a big big big plus.

there there..... ughh i hope some boys in my class can read this.. and stop act stupid.