grocery shopping day

Doing grocery day yesterday ( you know a shopping for a whole month daily need) with my daddy and my sister. it may sounds boring, but it's fun actually, okey to be honest... deep in my heart i called it "my snackie snacks day" or "sneeky snacks day" to be more precisely...huahahhaa ( imagine an evil _ a very evil one laugh) i can pick everything i want! and just throw it in the trolly. and when my daddy have to pay, all the blame will goes to... well not to me... hahaha. and now my fridge full of my snacks. want some?

my todays outfit

-red plaid skinny trouser
- brown knit sweater
- black long sleeve shirt ( you may not see it, its under the sweater )
- brownie sneakers
all zara....

ahh except that cool zebra hat! cute right? just find it in grocery store...

been craving that plaid skinny trouser since i saw it in bryan boy page and when my sist buying it for herself i can't stand it. and you dont know how sad i am when i cant find it in kids section,, but a month later.....( dont know who's genius behind it ) they finally make one for kids too !! thank you thank you! muach muach! love you zara!