Princess and the Pea

There was a prince who was looking to marry a princess. But he didn't want just any princess, he wanted to make sure she was a real princess. One night a young girl comes to his castle claiming to be a real princess. The queen then puts a pea under twenty matresses and twenty featherbeds. If young girl is truly a princess she would not be able to sleep.

Questions: Do you think you would be able to feel a pea under twenty matresses and twenty featerbeds?

It's feel ages since my last drawing. and a couple days ago i found my old book, its a great book! "Fairytale things to make and do" that book teach you have to draw a fairytale creature. and one of the best ( which is my favorite ) is the one that teach you how to draw Princess and the pea. I love that story soo much, she's one of my favorite character that Mr.Hans Christian Andersen ever made. the story is so so mesmerizing! and now I proudly present .... my Princess and the pea! ( I follow the book but with some change here and there... )
in case you curious, here's the book covers ( seriously the book is so worth to buy, and its cheap! my daddy ( or sister, I can't remember it) bought it only £4.99. and they have other series, like "Princess Things To make and Do" all of the project is super easy but so beautiful. You gonna love it, I promise!

PS : Click click on my draw to get closer look,,, :)