The Tale of Despereaux

Ohh how much i love this warm morning in sunday. got my sweet cookies for my sweet tooth, a warm vanilla milk and great book in my hand... ahh what a perfect day. just start to read the book and fall in love already with the cover ( ok you got me, i'm a "cover picker" use to be i pick a book by its cover ) its "The Tale of Despereaux" by Kate DiCamillo. trust me its not an ordinary book

the story is about a castle little mouse named desperaux Tiling who's being different since the day he was born he was born with an open eyes which is a strange thing in mouse world. he's body is so small but with big ears. ..and that little poor thing is falling in love with beautiful musics, beautiful stories and deeply in love with princess Pia.

also about a bad rat named Roscuro who's living and surrounded with darkness his whole life, but then he was spellbound by the beauty and facination of light. his love of light causes him do some big mistake.

and also about Miggery Sow a slow-witted maid girl with simple wish and yet impossible. she just lived in hope to be a princess.

i believe the rest of story is gonna be marvelous, i hope its not have a sad ending. ..... guess i'm gonna continue reading now... byeeee....