Aww It seems its flower days today !!!

"Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into"

GIRLS! say that word and what comes out in your mind? candy, pony, red shoes, cupcakes, vanilla scent, pink, pretty dresses and of course FLOWERS. I just realized, that all of this time my outfit that I showed in this blog is dominated with trousers, pants, t-shirt. but believe me I'm not that boyish you know. I love dress as much as I love trousers. and the flowery dress is always have a special place in my heart ( read. my closet). like a pretty quote that I know ( and not tottaly agree with. hihihi ) "I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck"

dress : Aurora
Tights : GAP for kids
Shoes : ZARA for kids

dress : Donita
bag : my sist inheritance

dress : Anny's life

dress : my sist old dress
old vintage watch necklace : my sist property

dress : another legacy from my sister
shoes : its a gift from

beret : find it in some boutique
blouse : E.Land Junior
red tights : ZARA for kids
brown boots : ZARA for kids

dress : Lido Tokyo
bracelet : a sweet gift from my sist

flowery blouse : Mini Concert

jeans jacket : benneton for kids
white t-shirt : I'm not sure, i cut the label ( my bad )
handkerchief : kenzo
jeans : Mild club jeans
leather sandals : bought in bali

hairband : strawberry
knitted bow sweater : ZARA for kids
flowery trousers : Moda Carina

PS : please please dont mad at me for my absence. trust me, i tried my best to always updating this blog. but it's not that easy, it like a hard nut to crack. To get a good picture ( for outside photos) I do need a help from my sister. and they always busy, yes both of them! ughh. and my schedule is killing me to. I do try make photoshoot just with my nanny and the result is ridiculously bad. geezz I guess my two little hand is far away from enough. It's hard to bring out what i have in mind and worked on my plan into something real if you don't have another hand to help. do I mention plan? YES. I always make a plan before do some photoshoot. I'm not that kind of person who believe that great thing comes from accident ( okay maybe 1000 : 1 but come on, how lucky can you be? ) , I always believe that hard work and well planned will do better. I put a hard work for every photos, just like when you want to have that pretty rose, you have to vanquish the thorn first. Am I right?

~ To be continue ( seriously ) I still have more flowery dress