Dream come true!

One of my favorite actor once said "With my sunglasses on, I'm Jack Nicholson. Without them, I'm fat and 60" When I read that, I was thinking... "heeey that's right!" . I always think that glasses is more than just an accesoris, it's a statement. I'm a geek, I'm a rockstar, I'm a fun person. with a glasses ( the right one ) it's all been said, you don't even need a word. do this : wear a big cool black sunglasses, and head up your had a little bit. for me it's like a statement for "do-not-touch-me-or-even-trying-ahh-I-mean-do-not-even-think-about-it."

One of my dream suddenly come true.
here's why. I always always love to play with my sister glasses. it's fun! remember this post.I was actually planning to make a photoshoot with many glasses.but I never got the time the until three days ago ( I have some quite long vacation and not planning to go anywhere). so I come to her and ask her permission to use her glasses for my photoshoot ( okay, I'm ready for a NO answer, and already make a plan B, - which is call my daddy and ask him to ask my sister. believe me it's always work. huahahahaha...-evil laugh ) but the answer is super surprising. SUPER! it's just like I just got an electromagnetic shock wave. she answer my question with another question. she asked do I really love all of those glasses? I'm like "YEAHH!" and she said again "Ok then, you can have them. it's yours" I believe I was stone cold for a while. "have them? like now or 7 years from now?" ( its been said that I'm gonna inherit her glasses when I'm 17 ) I even double check her expression. she looks serious. " yeah now... " Ok I know I'm being dumb, I know I should run away right at that moment with all those glasses before she change her mind. but no, I'm too curious. instead of doing the right thing ( that run away thing ) I ask her again " seriously? but why?" and the answer is that she think she's already to old for those glasses. And I'm suddenly covered with the glorious of happines. but my sister is not giving away the bag that she use to put her ( now MINE) glasses. that's why I need a new home for my kids ( yes, now I call them "my kids", and i just know the perfect one. a new perfect house for them! its my vintage suitcase that I get from my last birthday. and I'm right. It's perfect. hmmmm.

Well I know I'm too young for some of the glasses. but it's a treasure I will keep for another tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow. but it wont hurt to show you guys some of the glasses. hope you like it! say hi to this adorable child of mine.