Fun Fact !

So so so sorry, I know, it's been like an age since my last post. and thank you for all the sweet comment that asked me to make some update :) I will! like... NOW! hehehe.

I've been sick this couple weeks, and It's quite serious ( ok, I mean a common fever, not some serious illness hahahha ) so, I have a red nose, droopy eyes, hoarse voice and my throat is sooo oucchh! and the hospital suddenly change into my second home. been there 4 times in a month! geeeezz. and my lovely doctor keep telling my daddy that I don't need to be hospitalized, all I need is a good rest ( hahahha I told you so daddy! but what can I say, I have a too worry daddy ). but I'm doing good now :D not a 100 % though. but good.

People said that you have to look any situation and any condition in the most positive way, it means there's always something good in something bad. hahaha I do that! let see, research is start with a simple question and that is : what the best thing about being sick? that super yummie chicken soup? No...or the fact that I can skip school? NAH! not even that... or maybe my sickness gave me all legal reason to dilly dallying over? No oh... your not even getting closser. Okay! my result of my research brought me to this fantastic fact. read this fact slowly, word by word. that. being. sick. make. me. a. LITTLE. DIVA! yipppiieee!!! repeat after me.. DIVA hahaha. so as a diva I can have what I want, oh no no no. they have to give me what I want! this droopy sad eyes of mine have their own magic! everytime i look at my daddy and my sisters right in the eye. and voillaa! they will say "what's wrong honey? what do you need? do you want something? what can I do for you to make yu feel better?" hohoho. be carefull I want so many things. like that super awesome crayon that I want all along ( and yeah you right, I got my super awesome crayon in my hand now ), that cute bracelet that my sister just bought,and all I have to do is. hold that bracelet in my hand and said "ohh this is so lovely, I wish it was mine, ohh this is strange how just looking at this pink bunnie can make me feel better. I don't know why" and yeaah it is mine now. hahahaha. okay, I'll stop here before you start hating me.

see it's not always bad, right?
but then again my research also lead me to this fact : that being sick, makes me realize how great of being healthy is! how priceless it can be. because even though I can easily get what I want, I'm also can't do many thing that I want to do just because I'm sick. It's not worth the's really not. it's just not. so take care! like a wise men Sir Francis Bacon once said “A healthy body is a guest chamber for the soul, a sick body is a prison” Can't agree more Sir!

PS : I just attended to my sister graduation ceremony, last saturday. and I swear the ceremony makes me shiver! it's sooo beautiful! can't wait for my own ceremony to come.

and ohh i leave you with this photos, it's taken before I'm sick :D hope you enjoy it!

black long sleeve shirt : zara for kids
black pants : zara for kids
eye necklace : oominium
camera necklace : mitchy belle
yellow sneakers : reebok

plaid pants : zara for kids
black vest : my sister handmade
pins & badges : got it from my sister! yayyy!
black dragon shoes : it's a gift! superr cool shoes!

and here's the bunny charmbracelet, hope it can makes you feel happier too! well it works for me! :P hehehe.

ahh I want to give you all my kisses but, no oh, I won't take a chance that I might infected you all! so I hope hugs is enough for now ♥♥♥