Hello everybody!! how are you? how's life treat you? I hope they treat you good! because they treat me good! soooo good! as you can see I'm in a very good mood, the reason is so many great things happen to me this couple
weeks. where do I have to start? let see... hmmm.
1. first thing first, the exam is oveeerr! oveerrr! and I'm so ready for my holiday! yiiihaaaaa! my teacher said that my result is quite good, not very good but quite good. hahahhaha. okay that good enough for me.

2. I've become the winner in wondershoe contest! whoooaaaa... and I'm in a first place! I'm sooo happy! very happy!when I first read about this contest I was like "I'm so join this!" how can I'm not? the winner can choose a free shoes! all I have to do is take a good picture with wondershoe shoe ( which I already have) and send it. hohoho I send my photo in very last minute, and my sister edit it in just like 10 minutes, it's saturday and she's kindda in rush to go somewhere. that day is 6th june, and they said that they gonna announce the winner in 15th june. so yeahh I'm waiting. but but but when I'm open the wonderhoe website at 8th june I'm shoocckeeed! they already announce it! so the rest is history. I win!!! and I can choose 5 shoes! hohohohahahahohoho. I give my sister a thousand kiss. she deserve it! hehehhe. and thank you wondershoeee!!!

3.L'armadio del delitto and VeniArni who have great blog make a post about me! can you believe that? I can't even describe my feelings, it's happy, flattered, shock, happy, flattered, happy, happy and again happy ( yeah I know I already mention happy and flattered, but I write it again just to show you how happy I am, hehehe. happy it's only simple word, it's only contain five letter, it's so simple word but when you feel it it's undescribable and it's hard to describe it without make any mistake in using a word. I just realize that happy is more happy than happy itself ), my face is pink! I'm blushing! oh my God! it's an honour! a BIG BIG one! it even bring tears to my eye. I cannot believe someone actually write something about me. you can read it in here and here. and tell me how can I'm not crying?
Hohoho that's all I guess. I'm gonne leave you with this pictures, this is some pictures that I took for wondershoe contest. these are not the one that I send. and it has a different style, but you can see the original one in here ( it's wondershoe website ) :)I hope you like these picture! well I do. and yes, the both kids in the picture is me. I do looking good as a boy. don't I ? hehehehe.

*kisses and hug!

evita nuh