it's sweet...super sweet

Hello everyone! how's your holiday ? I looove mine! well who's not ? I can wake up everytime I want, wrapping myself in my warm blanket ! and I just got back from out of town. so overall my holiday is rockkss! there's something I've been wanting to show you. it's sooo cuteee and sweet! ( no oh not a candy... but as sweet as that...) It got my eye in the first sight, and I'm sure yours too. okay. ready?

my white lady

mr purple

and ooohh....

cute cute cute cute!

See cuteee right ? I accidentally see it in her blog, and ask my sister to order it for me ( I pick the white lady necklace and a girl bracelet ). It takes time to make it, but it worth the wait! she even gave me a bonus! not one, but two bonus !! ( the mr purple and the fish bracelet ) a kisses for you!!! and the package is soo beautiful too isn't ? if you want this cute thing too, you can check it out in here it called miucraft! but seriously prepare your tootbrush, it's so sweet I can feel an ache in my teeth. hehehhe