it's for you

I've been in a very upside down moment right now. I'm happy, there's so Many great things happen to me lately, but inside I cannot lie to myself that I'm in a great grief. I feel like something just ripped my heart and take it away. I feel like there's a big hole in my heart. I'm definitelly suffering form a loss of one of my hero. Yes I'm talking about the one and only Mr. Michael Jackson. I never ever knew that the lost of him would affect me so bad. He may not have his glory in my era. but my daddy and sister always been a big fans of him. sometimes my daddy still play his song, and tell story about how great he is ( I know that Ben song, is actually about a mice ). When we heard the news about his death I swear that I see tears in my father's eyes, and I'm suddenly break down and cry. and I never been a crying person. but he's so huge! and now he's gone.

I remember his first song that I heard is black or white, and me and my sister dancing like crazy over that song. and hearing ben always make me shiver . and I remember when I see him in television ( he was still alive at that time), and people keep making a joke of him, I asked my sister, "If he's a king of pop, why people treat him like that?" my sister said that's because he's not in the top anymore, that what people do to you, when your not in the top. well I remember my answer to my sister "that people must hear his song again, and think, are they can be that good? they are nothing compare to him. shame on them" he's Michael Jackson, and that person who talk bad about him, I don't even know his name. gosh, how people can be so mean.

He always always been my hero, his voice! his dance! this what I don't understand, people keep asking is it really me who make this blog? you're only ten it can't be you and bla bla bla, why is it so hard to believe, while Mr Michael Jackson can do soooooo sooooo big things, and he was five at that time!!!! I was nothing, absolutely nothing compare to him. I'm a dust now compare what he was doing at age of 5.

please do respect him. respect his talent. cause you never ever gonna find someone like him again. May he's soul rest in a very peacefull place, let him embrace our tears for him. this is tribute to my Michael Jackson, who always gonna lived forever in my heart, and I promise I will tell this story to my children someday. that at age 10 I was lossing one of my hero. and I will make them hear your song. and I believe they gonna have the same reaction as me when I heard your song for the first time. and it's "WOW"

it might be nothing, but it's for you

my hats off goes to you

one of my favorite line from his song is : "Dont tell me you agree with me, When I saw you kicking dirt in my eye"