Shoes Yaaaayyy shoeees!

I've got a confession to make, I'm a .... I'm a.... ( gosh! this is hard...) I'm a.....I'm a SHOES FREAK! hahahha. but then again, I'm a girl! I have all the right in the world to falling in love with a shoes! hahahha. Yeah I'm collecting shoes, maybe other girls love to buying toys or something, but not me. I choose shoes rather than any toys. ( my daddy and sister used to say, Oh please be normal sometimes...hahahha) . ssst... I tell you why I keep collecting shoes, actually I'm in a journey to find my glass shoes, so when I found it, I can be a princess! but I think it's gonna be a looong looong journey. but lucky me, on my journey I keep finding many great shoes, and suddenly they become my kids. hahahha.

I think I have some shoes radar, my eyes can spot a great shoes from a mile! but my collection is nothing compare to my sisters collection. hope they taking care it nicely, so it can be mine oneday! hehehe. lucky for me , my sisters is kindda shoes freak too, one of my sister even said, that her shoes is like her love, even though is hurting and killing you so bad, but you keep coming back and try to pull it off, although you know it will hurt you even more. but that's just my sister, I'm tottaly different, I would't want to wear something that hurts!

so here is some my shoes, and yes, this is not all. I will continue posting my other shoes on my next post XD. hope you like it! :) okay let's start counting! ( this is gonna be a long post, the reason is I my heart is not strong enough. everytime I open my blog, my last post keep making my heart aching again and again. so I really need some distraction )

1. my black bootsie : zara

2. my red sneakers : zara

3. my pinkiesh rainbow : converse

4. my glad gladiator : zara

5. my red dancer : wondershoe

6. my black and white sneaker : gosh
( hehehe I know the condition is already bad, but I loove it! )

7. my red peter pan boots : zara

8. my blackish : dr.kong

9. my brownie boots : zara

10. my silver bow : wondershoe

11. my shock pink boots : gosh!

12. my blue polka : wondershoe

13 my whitey : vilavina

14. my silverish : oshkosh

Ps : and don't worry, I do pass my shoes that didn't feet me anymore to they who need it :)