perfect condition

There's no such thing called "perfect condition" my daddy use that words over and over again. and I never realize what that words actually mean, well never, until now. several days ago theres one comment in my shoutbox that quite upset me. and with a broken heart I think I really really have to erase that comment. it's not that I can't take a critics or something, but the comment brought rich and poor issue, and I hate that! I really really hate that. stop it. it's not funny! and not giving your name or link is not cool either. if you have something to say to me, then say it, as long as you give me a chance to say something to you too. if you do so then I call it fair. If you have a right to say that I'm wrong, then so am I to you. do you get it?

After I read that comment, the first thing that I do is telling my sister. what should i do? do I have to stop blogging? I'll do it if I can make her/him happy. because even it's only a short comment, I would be lying if I said that it's not bugging me. after my sister read the comment she just laughing, and when she sees my unhappy look, she said "what? that's just a jealousy comment, it's a crap" but I protest her "it's not a crap, it's somebody opinion! neither he/she do it seriously or just for a joke, but the bottom line is my blog is hurting her/him. and I don't want that!" and at that moment my sister gave me the best words ever, and I'll remember it for the rest of my live. "do you know something cha, there's one thing in this world that is impossible to do, that, no matter how hard you were trying, no matter what you do. if you try this thing you'll ended failing over board over and over again. we maybe success in walking on the moon. but this simple thing... hmm... it's a hard one, no one knows how to do it . and that thing is cha if you trying on pleased everybody. we just can't pleased everybody, you might try but when you end up crying,don't tell I don't warn you" and I'm just standing still. and she continue saying that there even one quote who said "The one who pleased everybody died before they were born"

And at that that moment I realize what my daddy mean by saying "there's no such thing called perfect condition!" I might try to make 100 hundred people happy, but there were always one or two who isn't. so yeah all I can say now is, if I'm in someway hurting you, or make you unhappy, so sorry. but there's nothing I can do :) and after some thinking, I was realize...if you are not being nice to me, why should I being nice to you? after that my sister also told me, "next time when you were thinking on stop blogging, just because crappy thing. try this : read your blog, read all the sweet and nice comment and think again" well it works!!! I feel stupid for my stopping blog idea. :) thank you so much!

aaahhhh talking all the serious thing makes me hungry!!! hehehehe. lets get to the photos story! I take this photos quite sometimes ago, my sister took it for me :). she lifted one of her eyebrow when she saw what I wore, but after some explanation she got what I want. the whole idea is I am a shaman! or a healer from old age. actually I'm asking her to make some photoshop with it, but with all her new apartment thing it would be impossible. huuuuuh.

but I hope you all like this the way they are! I super love my peacook headpiece! isn't lovely? I mean super lovely!!! kisses to you all! ahh and hugss!!!

Actually all the necklaces and bangles are belong to my sister, I just borrow it, and asking where she got it. all but the two most lovely thing! the peacock headpiece and peacock necklace. I got it from nefertiti jewelz

I'm wearing :
peacock headpiece : nefertiti jewelz
black dress : VAVI
antique bell : little india
my peacock tatto : little india

weird devil ring thing : bought it in bandung

red bone necklace : from india
peacock necklace : nefertiti jewelz
black rose necklace : some boutique

red bangles : from India
ringing bells bangles : from india
gold stone bangles : metro dept. store
twin bee bangles : some boutique
black dot bangles : metro

black tights : zara for kids
plaid boots : bamboo

if your not live in Indonesia but fall in love with the peacock accesoris as much as I do, you can send nefertiti jewelz an email :) here's the adress : :)