double fun!

Teeeettt teeeerrroooott teeeetttt tooottt.... ( yes, just imagine a trumpet sound ) and drum roll please.... yaaayy a quite big thing just happen to me,! ahh things not just thing, because I got two good news to share. ( writing this thing, with a big big smile on my face )

first news

I don't know why, and how but somehow I've got nominated by on their Annual style award 2009, in "the face to watch out for 2010" category, how cool is that ?! so if you love me, please vote me in here or you can just click the picture above :)

well I don't have to tell you this, because I know you already knew, but still got to say it "I love you all" *kissess

second news

first thing first I got be honest, I'm so rarely open my email, ( and when I do, I just read the recent one ) that's why I'm kindda shocked when I found out that so many people send me an email, and so many interview request, so many store want to send me a gift, ughhh what a stupid me. super sorry! but I promise, I'm gonna change my habbit, pinky promise! I will always check my email every single day.

So one of the lost email ( read : treasure ) is this one, it's from, as you all know it's a great fashion website, and they were send me an email to tell me that chictopia pick me to be a style council! and as a part of Chictopia's prestigious style council, meaning I can vote on photos and decide who gets to be in chictopia style gallery right away. waaaaaaww it's a big big big honour for me, thank you cherri! thank you chictopia, I promise ( yep I made a lot promise today ) to be a good council!

*good night everybody sleep tight! and have a nice dream ( kisses and hugs!)

ps : I'm thinking to make some giveaway ( like many blogger do ) right after tmy exams is finish, what do you think? hmm... I must start to pick a cool thing then...