a green riding hood?

Wooooheey! How are you people? Long time no see... well I’m practically buried with assignments and home works fuuhh, thanks God I just passed exam! so I can relax a lil bit. and oh! do you miss my post? Well I do, but too bad I haven’t done any new photo shoot yet. My sister is super duper busy, and all I can do is waiting. Like today, I supposed to go to Go Girl Phenomenon but I can’t because my sister can’t go with me. Huuuh how I wish to grow faster so I can go anywhere alone. Oh well…

But hey, I just found my photos from my last holiday! So here it is. I hope you like it. I love the old effect on this photos.

You may not believe this, but that old man has the sweetest smile

The next outfit is my favorite, the first time I saw that green cape I was in love. it reminds me of red riding hood, only it is green, it even inspired me to make a story from it a twisted of red riding hood story well maybe not story ,it's more kinda like a poem . and oh I have to warn you, this is quite creepy story, ahh I mean poem. hehehehe.

Oh what a poor you Mr.Wolfie

Everyone thinks you kidnap that girl

That girl with a red riding hood

Oh I’m sorry Mr. Wolfie, really sorry

I don’t mean to be naughty

But that girl is the sweetie

and no one think it was me

no no Mr. Wolfie I won’t eat her nor being scary

I just need a friend to accompany me

To play hide and seek with

I don’t like to be lonely

So when I’m hiding behind the tree

Someone will searching for me

And then find me

I hope you forgive me Mr. Wolfie

and tell her granny

she's doing just fine with me

I hope you forgive me Mr.Wolfie

Or maybe you care enough to join me?

With love~ a girl with green riding hood

green cape : contemporary concept jeans

black pants : zara for kids

black long sleeves : zara for kids

boots : zara for kids