Are you my winner?

Hello all! I know, I know... I'm being so late... super sorry! but I just got back from hospital, I'm not even change my clothes when I write this... So this gonna be a very quick post. I know you all must be waiting for this... I already read all your fantastic comments for two days, and I must say... oh my, you guys definitely rocks my world! thank you so much for being a very berry loyal reader of mine.

Hahahaha I can read your mind! you must be saying "cut the crap, and just please tell us who is the winner!" okay, okay.... you I don't want you to wait any longer...

so here is my winner...

Congratulation for all 3 winners! please send me your mailing address through an email to me ( ) with subject "I'm your winner" and I hope so much hope that the you will love the book as much as I do. :)

And for everyone who's not winning yet, don't be sad. I promise! pinky promise, that I will make another giveaway as soon as possible, and don't worry I'll make sure the next giveaway gift is gonna be as awesome as before, you want a hint? okay, I'll let you take a peek.. hehehe here take a look at here like it? Yaaayyy!!!! :D

PS : I'm still in mourn now, my bestfriend Pacey, my cutie cat for almost 10 years just passed away two days ago... please help me pray for him, and hope he now already partying in cat's heaven. :'(