“My two favorite colors of the rainbow are gold and leprechaun -- Jarod Kintz

Remember my last post about how I've been hunt  eye-ing Toshiba M840? Well oh well ladies and gentlemen, it seems that I've been a very good girl lately and in result.... tadddaaaaa look what's in my hand now! yeaaah your eyes certainly don't lie, it is the one!

As a person who loves to blog, browse and doing pretty much anything with her laptop, I really believe I need a good one for laptop. For me is just like when you in a trip or something, the thing that will determine whether it will be a fun trip or not is whom you go with. If your mate is one cranky, boring person then I can assure you, your trip will be like hell on earth, vice versa if you go with a fun and easy going person it will be one happy trip. And I consider this new Toshiba M840 is just like a very good mate, a person who makes you think there's no one else you rather go with. Hmm, I'm still thinking the right words to describe it, probably hmmm... probably dependable yes definitely dependable. If I have to go for a trip I would like someone who unshakeable and can deal with pretty much anything, and not easy to break, and that exactly my new Toshiba is, yes I won't mind to have Toshiba M840 as my mate. 

My dad is also very into laptop and technology thingies (well, now you know where I got my enthusiasm for technology from, I believe is running in my blood) so he is very happy seeing me pay a full attention to every detail and specification before I choose anything and not just that, I also learn about plus and minus of every product before I choose one. The one thing that very crucial for me a very impatient person who always get cranky if there's a moment I think just wasting my time when choosing a laptop is from the start moment, I just can't stand laptop that takes a life time that seems like forever in eternity to start (yesss drama queen mode switch ON hahaha but it really feels that looooong) so I'm in love when I found out that this sweet pie of my (read. Toshiba M840) is running like a wild horse, its start so fast! It’s about 30% faster than the others, cool aight? For me it's love at the first sight.

Another thing is, I just started to learn more about photography and can't stop gathering information and collected many pictures from various photographer as my inspiration and to do justice for they work, I really need laptop with high resolution, I love how sharp and clear this Toshiba is, they promise me a high definition from this sweet pie and they keep their promise, again I'm sold! 

And my friend, I've been back and forth about which color do I have to choose, actually I think pink or blue? Blue or pink? But then I saw the gold one! And BAM! Mi amor! I lOVE IT! It's so chic don't ya think?  I guess it’s right what Gerald M Loeb said that the desire for gold is the most universal and deeply rooted commercial instinct of the human race, hahaha so it’s more like basic instinct right? They told me it's called gold blaze, the color somehow reminds me of Sahara or Safari! Feels very adventury (yes, I just made a new word) but chic at the same time! You agree with me right? 

Well if you in love as much as I do, you can do your research just by go to Toshiba  Satellite M840 website, from there you can choose which one is more you. 

hat : from France
blazer : EVITANUH (yes my newest design! :) ) 
Bag : steve madden
watch : marc jacobs
pants : Zara 
shoes : MUJI 

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