Stronger one

Holla people! Just make a little back to share a good news to you all! Hehehe…  For those who read my blog for years might be already knew that I’m quite a gadget freak. Games, mobile phone and laptop and other gadgets, I keep my eyes on the technology, new invention and always curious about it. If you asked me two things I can’t live without (other than family and friends of course) are my mobile phone and my laptop. Seriously sometimes I can’t stop wondering how people live before laptop invented, how is that even possible?  But lately it’s been a love and hate between my old laptop and me, It’s start to frozen every time I got something important to do and yes it frustrated me, big time! But my bad actually, I think I abused it way too hard. Like I said, I do pretty much everything with it, school things, editing, writing, games and every other thousand thing. Especially since I work as a part timer photo editor the abused getting more worse hehehe. So I think my old laptop is kindda had enough with me, hehehehe. Well oh well I think I need to find a stronger one.

Talking about the stronger one, I’ve been eyeing this one, it’s Toshiba Satellite M840 been, from what I heard Toshiba is in winning team when you talking about strong laptop ( which is I really need right now) I have my heart on it the first time I saw it on the internet ( yes call me geek, but one of my guilty pleasure is browsing around about new gadget ) and their tagline which is “reflection of you” is sold me! I still can’t decide what color I have to choose, it’s a cold war between blue and pink, we will see who’s going to win this war. Hehehe, or tell me which one is the best ? blue or pink? Which one do you think reflects me more?

Buuuut there’s one tiny problem, you see not long ago my sisters just bought me xbox 360 and my dad just bought new lens for me, so I guess, it’s not a good time for me to ask for new laptop, hehehe. Buuuuutttt (yes another long but) I’m on fire when I found out that I can get that shining Toshiba (is it just my eyes or it really shines I’m not really sure hahaha) with only IDR. 1000.000,- it’s about 100 $, yes! Your eyes don’t lie or typo, it really is $ 100! Crazy right? I know! all you have to do is click the like button on Toshiba facebook page  and get yourself a queue number and stay tuned at Toshiba Fan page because they are going to "let go" queue number, which can be contested. To get a queue number, which is more forward, we must "check in” simply by click the link at the fan page it will be calculated and checked in and you will got yourself a point, which you can check on your mobile phone too!  30 participants who later on the highest point at the end of the feeder will get Toshiba Satellite M840 for $ 100 of which the market price is about $ 800.For further information You can read about it in here  they call it  Toshiba & Intel Satellite Queue 

And there’s some reason I want this piece so much more, here it is :

  1. since I’m quite a movie geek, it really makes me more wants it more when I heard that this Toshiba M840 is able to elevate standard definition images up to high definition quality with Toshiba TV technology
  2. It got power saving eco utility (it’s so important!)
  3. You just hate it when someone open and use your laptop without permission right? Me to! so it’s a top notch for me when I learned that it for security, this piece got smartface technology which enables system login by face recognition! Awesome right? My laptop won’t open if it wasn’t me!

You know sharing thing might minimize my chances to win, but I have a good heart you know, hehehe I like to share good news.  So caaan’t wait to have it on my hand, new laptop come to mama! Hehehe wish me luck ok! And good luck to you too!

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