If you want to see the sunshine, you have to weather the storm. ~ Frank Lane

Hello everyone how you've been doing? Good Lord it's freezing out there, in my country ( which is one of tropical country ) it's a non-stop rainy day. I'm not complaining, I love rainy day... there's something romantic and gloomy about it that I love. But turn out my body is disagree with my mind, I get sick easily in this kind of weather . So yeah, I have bed rest a week ago, and still in recovery mode right now.  Ugh I hate being sick. So I hope you all okay and not having fever and flu like I have. Eat proper meal, consume enough vitamin anything to keep you healthy, ok?

I suppose to make a post yesterday ( like I promise in my twitter... ) but turn out I can't, last night the traffic is insane, I got stuck on the road for more than three hours and got home almost midnight. Crazy right? got super tired and I can't barely doing anything, all power left in me is only to clean my self up and throw myself into my heaven made bed. Hahaha... So forgive me for the delay... I know you all can understand. Pretend to cough *Uhuk uhuk uhuk... see I'm still sick... you have to forgive a sick girl, it would be a mean thing not to. Hehehe. 

My God, I just realize something it's November already! it's so close to end of year, it means it's also close to January and it meaaanss.... cooomeee onn you know this oneee..... yes! My birthday!! Ay caramba!! I'll be 14th! It's official! I'm a teenager now! Hahahaha... been checking my checklist and turn out there's nothing significant thing that will change from being 13th, still not allowed to ride, not allowed to go out of town alone ( don't even mention out of country) and many rules still apply just the same... and please please don't ask me about boyfriend thingie, I don't have one and not planing to have until undetermined time. Boys still look yucks for me, no hard feeling boys... but you guys do sweat a lot... But for all the sweet email, love letter, songs and other sweet things you can keep it coming, I need it for my ego. Hahaha just kidding, I do like make a new friends, boys or girls.

Hmm, by the way I don't it's the fever or what, but week ago, I feel super exhausted like I just hit a rock bottom, so many things out of schedule and it frustrating me. I probably bite off more than I can chew. If there's something I well known of it's that I'm a super hard worker. As weird as it sound, I  really do love to work, being under pressure excites me. Trust me, you will found me voluntarily doing jobs that not even my responsibility.  But not last week. I feel so tired. So tired. And I got no one to blame but myself, my dad and my sisters keep reminded me to not beat myself too much and me being me of course so stubborn and convince them that I can handle it. Well apparently I am not. I got sick and tired so easily and going back and forth to hospital is no wonderland. When most of worker in hospital somehow knows your name because you come too often that is the moment I know I have to let go some of my activity outside the school.

And about blogging it's cross my mind to stop it doing it. You probably not know how guilty I always feel, neglected my blog and often not updated it ... not for days, not weeks, but months! All those time I carry my guilty feeling around, trust me most of blogger must have the same kind of feeling, feeling in debt to do a post. The hardest thing for me is that I keep breaking my promise which I can assure you it's so not me. I hate people who breaking promise and I hate it more when I'm the one who doing it. I keep saying " I will update my blog" because at that moment I feel I have the time, but most of the time there's something comes up that I have to take care first, if there's not one thing it's another thing. Again, it's breaking my my heart. I'm so close to saying goodbye, but then I open my blog again, read all the comments, I open my facebook page, reading emails, my twitter and there you all are. Saying nice things to me, I mostly responded it with "ooh stop it youuu.." or "thank youu..." but trust me I want to say something more big and grand than that, because it means that much for me, but I can't find the words. Imagine how I'm not updating for months but still you all so patient with me and waiting for my post.*HUGS! So I think it will be very selfish of me if I just quit and stop like that, I promise myself to keep going, but I hope you can still bare with me. Oh my is someone chopping onions??? because I can't stop my tears!! 

Oh come on lets talk lighter things... fun thing! like fashion, you all like that don't you? Well this soon to be teenager girl *ehem* is start to get boring wearing jeans and thinking to wear a real pants, somehow I think it will look more mature, hahaha. Oh it's a good thing too, this past month I've been doing so many meetings with many people and yeah we talking adult people, yes much more older than me and I can't help not to feel so so young or even feel like a lost kid. The worst thing is when I'm on chairman position in that meeting, explain things asking for numbers and progress they have, while I'm wearing jeans, t-shirt and sneakers. Even worse sometimes I'm still in my uniform. So I'm thinking some of style that still me, still fun but more mature.

So this pants from PICNIC SHOP is I think my match mate, the moment I saw it I know I have to have it. Hohoho... So I start playing with it, mix it up with different style. Girly, boyish, or something in between?  you name it I can style it. Best thing is it's so comfy to wear, maybe because the fabric is light not like jeans. Don't get me wrong, my love to my jeans is unshakeable kind of love, but it's nice to try new things. So after you see my new pants do have any idea to mix it up? let me know, I would love to try it. And hmm I'm thinking to add a new dress on my collection from PICNIC SHOP, can you help me choose? you can go to their website click this ---> PICNIC SHOP WEBSTORE and tell me which dress should I choose, their collection driving me insane, I'm drooling all over it, it's impossible for me to choose myself. Hahaha they also have store in Gandaria city which is so cool I can spent hours there.

So here we go, me and my new pants! Ready to rock! No, I mean ready to work! Hehehehe... 
Kisses and hugs! take care guys!

PS : I'm probably updating blog rarely, but I quite active posted a photos in my instagram ( yes I'm a newbie on instagram ) and by the way for you who follow instagram account @evitanuh I'm sadly announce that wasn't me it's a fake acc, I just make one few weeks ago and my instagram account is @nuhevita . Ok that's all I guess!  kisses! 


 Turban & Floral Top : EN 
Bag : c'est-tout
Watch : Marc Jacobs

 Photobucket Photobucket 

 hat : Zara
Top : EN
glasses : GAP
boots : MUJI

 Photobucket Photobucket 

 Turban : EN
white shirt : Burberry
outer : tailor made
bag : Christian Dior 
shoes : my sister's
 ( finally come a day where we share same size!  Yeaay me! )

 Photobucket Photobucket 

glasses : Prada
Top : Burberry 
watch : rolex
Clutch : it's actually a wrapping package from balletcats, 
it's so cute I made it as a clutch XD
shoes : converse

 Photobucket Photobucket 

Glasses : unbranded 
black vest?  : Ichwan Toha
bag : Charles & Keith
shoes : Zara

 Photobucket Photobucket 

 top : Little Nuh
Necklace : Antyk Butyk
bracelet : random : mango, juicy couture, Hermes
Edgar Allan Poe book clutch : EN
Bag : Kate Spade