You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream!

So if you follow my twitter you know what I’ve been screaming a lot about a week ago, well yeah not really screaming…  but talk about, tweet about! It’s finger tutting y’all! Well you know I’m quite dancer myself, hip hop mostly, jazz, itsy bitsy of tap too and break dancer. Oh yeah I’m a b’girl fella! But since I almost broke my neck over break dance routine and since then break dance is forbid for life for me, yeah talking about over protective dad huh? Hmmm… But my dad seems okay with finger tutting, well just hope I don’t break my fingers. Remind me to ask my dad do my health insurance policy is include broken finger over finger tutting.

PS : if I don’t post anything for couple month lets just say, yes I finally broke my fingers.

As youtube as my guidance, let’s start! 


For those who love challenge as much as me, I challenge you! Hahaha. It’s so cool that  in cornettowebsite they give you everything you need to join this finger tuttingdance, it’s simple like counting 1 2 3 I promise all you have to do is : 
1.Get yourself to this cornettowebsite in here --> CLICK
2.You can login using your twitter or your facebook ( your choice!)
3.Click “Start finger tuttingmaker”
4.Sign on term and condition
5.You basically can choose between two ways, first with gif or with webcam
6.If you choose webcam, then right when the camera on  you can click ‘record’ and then you better 
 act quick, because the moment you click record the cam will start recording your moves for 10 
frames, but dont’ worry you can always start over if you think the first one not good enough. After 
you think you done all the right moves, you can no click ‘save now’
7. Give your dance a tittle, ( better go with catchy one, I’m thinking to named mine “cheating on tutting", since I do cheathahahaha) when its all done click submit to gallery
8. If you think you look better in pictures than in video and choose to upload your pictures then you can catch yourself a 10 frames of pictures and upload it to 10 frames in the web, after it’s all done click save, and do just like number 7 … easy breezy  right?

Now if you take  my challenge let me know, you can tweet it to me, in my twitter @evitanuh add #fingertutting as hashtag or you can left your comment here, I can’t wait to see your moves! Like they said “bring it on!” hahaha, sooohere’s my first attempt for finger tutting… dont laugh! Hahaha… and show me yours I'll choose the best one! and will share it on my twitter or if you really good, probably will share it on my blog too!

maker animation

So I guess that’s all for now… hahaha no I’m just kidding, I’m pretty sure you all gonna kill me if I post something without outfit post right? Yeah I can read minds… so here it is me with my favorite
ice cream…   

 Photobucket Photobucket 

black turtleneck shirt : ZARA
necklace and hairpiece : Gallery de noir 
skirt : self made  
shoes : Popflats




 Cardigan : forever21
white t-shirt : ZARA
skirt : self made
shoes : Popsicle