How are you guys? Hope you all well! 

Short update! So yesterday I've posted my outfit on my instagram and Facebook page, there's a story behind my outfit that day. So, recently I  join a new class for music course and make some new friends there, we usually hangout after class or just staying at our course place kidding around in the coffee shop nearby . Since I'm new, they never protest or say anything to me before, until one day we all go to the mall and watch movie together and finally one of my friend said to me, "do you realize how you look and dress so differently? We all look so gangsta around you, people are staring because I swear they think we bullying you or something..." I can't stop laughing after he said that. I wear a long sleeve maroon sweater, classic brown pants and oxford shoes that day and my friends outfit mostly ripped jeans, old band t-shirt, or  that hip homies sweater and Snap back hat ( you can imagine it by yourself). so yes, I got their point. So I asked them, what should I wear? and one of them said "Hmm... probably something more swag?" and oh they all mostly foreigner and boys too, so they have no idea about my blog. What they have in mind that I dress up in a classic vintage way the entire time. 

I really can't stop laughing and I told them, "yeah sure... I can do swag... " So when I show up at class (and yes fashionably late~ okay, that actually accidentally happen ) I swear some of them dropped their jaw. When I finally sit, one of my friend whispered to me "Good God, now you look like the leader of the gang...." hahaha... they love my look but I told them, I dress up not because they asked me to, but because I want to. It's fun seeing they reaction and the funniest thing my friend said that day was "I love your swag look! now you are not look like someone just kidnap you from Nightmare Abbey novel anymore!" I don't know what more fascinating, he likes my look or the fact he reads Nightmare Abbey?" Hahahaha.... 
So here's my swag look... see I can look like everyone else...

 photo 0_zps0236dc7d.jpg
  photo IMG_8290_zps682e8d6e.jpg  photo 2_zps871ded3c.jpg
  photo 1_zpse0902a4e.jpg  photo IMG_8293_zps27276cff.jpg
  photo IMG_8241_zps12251da2.jpg  photo IMG_8225_zps742178cf.jpg
  photo IMG_8221_zps22ab832d.jpg
  photo IMG_8213_zps36e33122.jpg Necklace : Antykbutyk // rings & bracelets : greedysassy, dainty shop
// watch & bag : post_shop (instagram) // shoes : adidas  // 
headphones : aerial7
( bought that awesome glasses in cheap cute shop store, it cost only 2 bucks! hahaha not bad for jeremy scott inspired glasses right? )