Hey You Billboard girl! Are you the new face of Nokia Lumia 720?

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As cliche as it may sound but isn't it's all girls dream to see yourself somewhere in some big giant LED Billboard ? or see yourself in one of the most hip magazine, yes I'm talking about Go girl magazine! Hey not only see yourself into that billboard board but you also got the honor to be the new face of the new cool phone, well of course yes, as the new face for the phone you will absolutely get yourself one.

I love the design of this new Nokia Lumia 720, it's fresh, fun, sharp and resembling the youth nowadays don't you think? it's also light and have this perfect shape that easy to hold. But what I love the most is the sharpness of the picture and of course as a blogger, there always one crucial thing that I always put attention to every time I choose my gadget. Yes you are right, the camera. The old mighty camera, Nokia again make me drooling with their Carl Zeiss lens who you might know already, is like a legend of good lenses. Carl Zeiss is well known as one of the best lens and yes Nokia Lumia 720 have it.

Other thing that makes me in love is this... you know how cool cafe or restaurant these days? most of them got this cool ambience, cool decor but they all got one thing in common and that is ...a very low light lighting, most of the restaurant using a yellow bulb to make that cozy warm atmosphere, good for the interior but bad for the pictures. I know it's not only me who have experience taking pictures with bunch of friends in some cool places but when we see the picture we all saying "pooh it's too dark in  here" what a bummer right?  And this Nokia Lumia 720 solved that problem with a 'low light' technology which give us a sharp and bright pictures even we are in a room with minimum lighting supply, perfect right? Ok, like that not enough to make me falling in love, Nokia Lumia 720 also come with Windows 8 ! Ay Caramba....

So are you one of the girl who can be a new face for this awesome Nokia ? if you think you are, then this is your chance! Remember this kind of chance doesn't come often, so what are you waiting for?  Nokia Lumia 720 team up with Go Girl ! Magazine presenting you Project Stand Out to find their new face! and it could be you!

Here's the step to make your dream come true,
Join Project Stand Out by dropping to Nokia Store in Jakarta/Bogor/Bekasi/Surabaya or you can go and hang out in cool places in your town ( Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya) because you might meet Nokia crew team called Nokia Jalan-Jalan. But note this, the time is a little bit tight it will be start from 3rd June and ended at 23th June 2013. Be hurry!

- In both place ( either in store or you happen to meet Nokia Jalan-Jalan crew) you will have your photos taken by the crew with Nokia Lumia 720 ( and you can see it the great quality of the pictures yourself) Show your best pose! make yourself stand out!

- Your photo will be uploaded to Nokia Project Stand Out gallery on Nokia Indonesia fan page and also on their LED Billboard in Jakarta.

- After that, there will be down to 20 finalist ( 10 girls + 10 boys) and after that the hunger games is  begin, spread the news to your family, friends... my suggestion make friends with your enemies, because you will need them to vote for you, every single vote counts, hehehe.

- A girl and a boy with the biggest vote will be the winner!

easy peasy right?

So Here's the fun one, what is the prize? What will you get ?
-You my friend, like I said will be The New Face of Nokia Lumia 720 and having picture of yourself on Nokia LED Billboard ( you never know what it might lead you to, maybe a chance to enter showbiz world? who knows?)
- You will be on the Facebook App of Project Stand Out on Nokia Indonesia Fanpage
- You will get yourself in Go girl! magazine + Go Girl! 1 year free subscription awesome right?
- Last but not least, you of course will be the owner of one new Lumia 720.

Drooling right? Don't just drool! wear your best outfit and race yourself to nearest Nokia Store!

For more info you can visit here