Dreams about the future are always filled with gadgets ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson

Holla people! How's everything... it's super cold in my place right now, nonstop and seems like an endless rain. Been snuggling all day, stay at home warming myself with thick blanket and playing with my gadgets, hehehe. And oh, talking about gadget I've got another super great news to share! ( Wow... I feel like a santa right now, keep bringing you guys good news more and more hehehe... or hohoho? ) Ok back to the topic, if you follow my Twitter (@evitanuh) and Instagram (@nuhevita) you probably already know that sometime ago I've got all cranky because I just realised that I don't know since when, but whenever I'm going out my bag is become more and more heavier and I blame it to ( ok myself first, because I must admit I can't life without my gadgets) and another blame goes to... all that freakin power bank, charger and add my misery with a bunch of cables. I'm a very organised person, so it's killing me to see all cable tangled up in my little bag (Oh drama.... ) 

I even do some survey and found out that most of my reader also carry same things with me (power bank + charger, etc... crazy world is crazy). At that time I was thinking, the only way out to all of this is issue is when human finally create gadgets that can stay alive longer and no need to charge again and again... yes people can only dream right? WRONG! hahaha after some search I found out that there is a new tablet that can live have 18 hours battery ON... my life suddenly feel brighter... hahaha. And the best part is they just launched it here in my country, after hear all the great things about it, I know I need to try it myself to believe it. So this little nerdy force herself to go to the launching, and yes it is as great as the story (or even more...) 

Ok cut the case! I proudly present! the newest love of mine, Lenovo Yoga Tablet. 

Let alone the awesome fact that this babe battery ON 18 hours straight, but you can also see, that the design is so chic and stylish... and to be honest I really love gadget that look sleek and beautiful so I can feel awesome carrying it around ( well as fashion blogger I've got reputation to keep right? hehehe ) And on second pic you also see that you can hold it, tilt it or you can make it stand ( yes, that excruciating hand cramp when playing games now finally over!) ahhh heaven... if that is not enough to make you dream about this gadget tonight,  I'll add some more... quad core, carry both android and windows 8 and here's another one it also have Dolby surround sound! all that to give you a better experience when watching youtube or drama in your tablet. Hohoho I know will have a marathon running man show with my new Lenovo Yoga Tablet. 

Here's some picture from the launching today :) 

Remember when I said I feel like a Santa? well here's why... not only I give you good news about the coolness of my new Lenovo Yoga Table but also I will share news that there's 18 Lenovo Yoga Tablet free for you and all you have to do is join the their quiz! and you've got the chance to have this babe on your hand! how awesome is that?! ( Ok, I know Santa doesn't give a quiz but I'm a broke version of Santa... and with Santa you have to be good one whole year, while I only ask you to join fun and easy quiz... who's role now? hohoho...) 

Here's the important part... 

How to win this Lenovo Yoga Tablet

Go to their web here www.betterwayjourney.com  and start to play! 
or for more info you can always follow their twitter in here @Lenovo_ID

Ah just want to add more, you know since about 6 months ago I've started to become regular writer for one of the best teenager magazine in my country ( will share about this more in another post for sure) yes... I have my own column on a magazine... how crazy is that?! so that is one of the reason why I need tablet that light and complete my needs, so I can write whenever I need to or every time  I got some idea I need immediately write it on or else I'll be forget about it and go crazy. Yes, I need something that easy to carry, not heavy and well of course can go well with whatever my style is whenever I travel around. Talked about travel, here's some pictures of moi on my last super short holiday... hehehe yes finally a proper outfit post. 

Kisses Love,
Stay warm and dry!  and please stay safe