Finally.. I'm Officially Teenager...

Hello all! How’s life? Mine pretty crazy (as always, right? Hehehe) Let’s cut to the case… I just want to scream I’m 15 years old! I don’t know why I’m so excited about it, maybe it’s because that means 2 years from now I’ll be 17! Hehehe.

By the way since I’m officially 15 I notice something different with my body I don’t know it’s just me or everyone else having the same change as me. My body change quite drastically, I can’t even recognize my own body in the mirror.  My sister told me it’s puberty, is it really? So… she also told me that this probably the time for me to change my entire baby product to a teenager product. I also notice that I sweating more than I used to be when I told her that she just laughed and said it’s probably time for me to use deodorant. Don’t laugh at me but I never use any deodorant before, but right now I think I should start using it. It’s not that I smelly or anything but that would be disaster if I start to smell funny (you know what I mean when I say ‘funny’ right?) just because I haven’t using deodorant when I know I should. *Knock on wood.

Like ever girl in the world I pay so much attention to my body and what products suits me the best. I also notice some changes in my body, and I must face the fact that I will have new routine to do from now on and one of them is shaving (oh guys you are so lucky… you don’t have to deal with this drama hahaha) And this is what I fear the most about shaving or any kind of underarm hair removal treatment, some people told be it will darken your underarm (again *knock on wood) So my scientist mind working and I told myself “we human already succeed landed a man in the moon, there’s no way that there’s no products who can save me from smell funny and hairy without darkening my underarm!”  So then I start searching, hehehe and I found this deodorant called Rexona whitening lighter in 7 days, my sister told me it’s a very well known brand. From what I’ve read this rexona woman whitening lighter in 7 days said that they could reduce irritation and also brighten your underarm skin! (So for those who think you underarm could not be saved, it can! You really should thank me for this info, hohoho) 

So after some searching I decided to use rexona whitening lighter in 7 days deodorant spray, I like the soft smell of it plus it’s dry instantly, already use it for 3 days and so far so good, I smell great everyday and not worry even I’m doing sport and all. And this is the most important one, I noticed my underarm is still as white as ever! Hohoho. I will give it a try for a week and we’ll see ok… 

Adios Amigos!