Selfie oh Selfie...

How's my favourite people doing? I hope you'all healthy and happy! hehehe Gosh time flies, January is almost end already! can you believe that? 

So... it's been a week or so since my last post about my sudden love for selfie, I just want to share the progress, you know what? since then my love for selfie are growing strong than ever! hahaha... blame it to my 5 MP front camera Lenovo Vibe X... I just can't help it. Short story to share, last weekend I went to my cousin wedding and I bring along this Vibe X with me and you know what? I'm officially the star of the party ( after my cousin as the bride of course) hehehe everyone keep borrowing my Vibe X to take pictures, even my big family gathered around and asked picture to be taken with my smartphone, yes the big family. Because I forgot to mention before, this Lenovo Vibe X has a wide angle  camera, how's crazy is that? It makes all family member can fit in in one picture. So yes now you can take selfie with 5 or 6 of your friends without anyone having a half moon face hehehe. Other thing I noticed is, most of pictures taken by other phone are mostly so yellow and dark due to lighting at the party,....but not mine, it got yellow vibe in it but not too much. So yes, I'm a happy customer! 

By the way... if you haven't read my post about selfie and how to win this newest Lenovo Vibe X then you should! or if you already read it and haven't join it... again, you should! It's time to stop taking selfies with crappy quality. Since I'm a in such a good mood I will again inform you how to win it... 

1. Follow Lenovo mobile Indonesia official account on instagram ( @lenovomobileid) +  like their official  facebook page ( )

2. Upload your picture on instagram and mention @LenovoMobileID and DONT FORGET to put hashtag #MyVibeX #Selfiestory to make it more interesting, you can share the stories behind your selfies! 

And here some link if you need more information about it. 
Website :
Instagram : (@LenovoMobileID)
Twitter :  (@LenovoMobileID) 

Ah will leave you with some of my new photos ;) 

Be ready for Monday, everybody! *kisses!