Selfie, Selfie, Selfie

Hello universe! How everything going? Ah Happy New Year everybody... Wish the upcoming years will be extra better. Amen! 

By the way posting this to share great news and calling all selfie master in entire nation, hehehe.  Honestly at first I'm not really like selfie and all it's glory, the low quality of the picture somehow irritate me, but it looks that I hate to eat my own word. Yes! it's been all I'm doing all week, taking my own selfie. Hahaha... It's all change since I have my newest love in my hand, it's my VIBE X from Lenovo. When I read the specs I'm quite shocked, they said that it's got 13 MP for the rear camera and here's the best part Lenovo VIBE X give us 5 MP front camera! I repeat 5 MP front camera, which is if you haven't notice is quite extra ordinarily high for front camera. I don't believe it until I try it myself, and it's no lie! The quality is great. So yeah... say bye bye to low quality selfie ;) Another points for this new smartphone is that, it's super light! So light, that when I first hold it I thought it's a toy, seriously pretty design, light, so sleek and stylish, me likey! 

I know right now you must be so curious and can't wait to prove it yourself, have no worry my fella's I'm here to share more great news. Lenovo VIBE X is holding a selfie competition and you can win VIBE X for yourself and take your selfie to a next level, hahaha. 

Another cool thing about this #selfiestory competition is that, it's so easy! all you have to do is : 
1. Follow Lenovo mobile Indonesia official account on instagram ( @lenovomobileid) and also like their official  facebook page ( )

2. Upload your picture on instagram as many as you want, don't forget to mention @LenovoMobileID and put hashtag #MyVibeX #Selfiestory so they can track your pictures and just like the hashtag, don't forget to tell the story behind your selfie ;) 

That's all! piece a cake right? For more info you can check it out in here : 
Website :
Instagram : (@LenovoMobileID)
Twitter :  (LenovoMobileID) 

That's all I guess... hehehe will leave you with some of my on growing selfie collection, by the way feel free to follow my Instagram account ( @nuhevita ) for more pictures of moi. 

and here's the magic maker :) 

as you can see the camera also have edit option on it's own, so you can have blur background, fisheye, black and white and lomo like photos and also beautified option to make your skin look flawless on camera :D 

Adios Amigos!