Not So Roman Holiday

More post! Hehehe awesome right? knowing how I often neglect and barely post anything for months this must be some record for me, I still have no idea how all dedicated blogger out there manage to make post almost everyday, I bet they've got remote to freeze time or magic wand, because it almost impossible for me, so yes I think I deserve a pat in back for my effort.  But sadly maybe some people think I may not deserve that... hehehe yes... got numerous emails and messages complaint that even tho' I update my blog but I don't wrote like I used to ( which is long post... contain all my ramblings) I'm super sorry, but really I don't have any story to tell right now (except you want to hear my boring schedules, study study study, private lesson and more private lesson and please add more exams, exams exams to that and there you go you have the story of my life for this month hehehe, tragic right? ) ... and really I have no idea that many of you enjoy reading my endless rambling and bla bla bla's and I really really flattered. But I promise next post you will have my usual long post. 

For now I still don't have all the time in the world in my hand and sadly haven't got time to take a proper outfit photos too, but I've got some picture for you. This is from my last holiday, me and my cousins take a super short trips and having so much fun there. I actually don't really like posting a holiday pictures in my blog, but this is to make it up to you guys for lack of photos on my blog recently. So yeah I dig this pictures up from everywhere, my sister's camera, my camera, and even from my smartphone hehehe and mixed up all together. Here you go! ( and oh yes, I just realised I don't smile in most of the photos, actually I do have thousand smiling photos but I look like baby walrus with giant teeth in all of it... so yeah I guess this cold stone look really suits me the best... hahaha) 

And by the way I'm still on that Rexona whitening lighter 7 days challenge and so far I can say I'm impress by the result. I got no irritation or any rash on my underarm and now I can't go anywhere without caring it around in my bag ( if you not know yet, I'm a really conscious about hygiene and all so it's calming me knowing I do not need to be afraid that I might smell funny ) so I always carry things that can make myself away from being insecure and have a nerve wrecking day. Here's some of things I packed in my bag. And by the way I'm quite curious are other girl ( or boys) having the same problems? Do you also got things that you need to carry everyday? 

Need to get back to study like NOW, so Hasta La Vista Baby!