The Follow Up...

Holla all! How’s your day?! Mine is absolutely fantastic… and oh like I promise several post ago (remember my deodorant post?) So here’s the follow up… It’s true! I keep pay attention to my underarm and it’s still as white as before. I don’t want to make a big deal about it, but aren’t we girl will be happy when our skin are healthy and clean? I know I am!

After 7 days using rexona whitening lighter in 7 days I could really say that it somehow boost up my confidence, I don’t care how hectic and how busy my I am, I will always sure that I will still stay smell good and no worry about skin change at all! Because the thought of using something that might change my skin are so scary!

Since that day now I have new habit, I now always carrying rexona  whitening lighter in 7 days on my bag whenever I go, so when I think I sweat more than usual I can just go the nearest rest room spray it and I will be good, hehehe. And because I know most of my readers are girls my age ( or older?) I really suggest you to try it too, give it a try like I do, for like… 7 days and you’ll see the different. Please share me your experience too, would love to know… I will be more than happy to know that there are people out there who have the same experience.  You can always tweet me at @evitanuh ;)