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Hello all! happy Holiday! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! and Happy birthday ( soon ) to me!  Question of the week for everybody is "what is your resolution for 2015" I've never make any, I don't like making promises that I can't keep. But, this year is kind a different, I need to make one resolution, nothing fancy nothing glory resolution, only one. I need to pay more attention to my blog. You may wondering why, well the truth is I'm beyond believe on how many responses I've got on my email about me posting again. Some people even saying thank you to me for updating my blog. I'm speechless. So it's my newest resolution! one and only! be a better blogger! hehehe. 

Sadly this blogger of yours have no outfit post to post, been crazy with deadlines, schedules, works and school, I'm a dead meat. So, I will post something that people been asking for ages... and that is my skin care routine. To be honest, I'm not that kind who have 100 routine before going to bed for their face only ( watching my sisters put on moisturizer one, moisturizer two, moisturizer 4 to their face~ Well I'm sure they all have names not 'moisturizers 1,2,3 but I couldn't tell... I swear there's like 5-6 bottles there) I like to keep it simple, I'm already busy as it is. But as careless as I am, I know how important to wash my face and the most important thing is to find your perfect face wash.

Okay we have to go back a little. Honestly I used to wash my face with the same soap I use for my body ( which is wrong, I know... ) but I always feel I'm not old enough to use those doctors face wash or whatever and don't think I need one either. So here's a little story how destiny brought me to my face wash match, hehehe. So I've been using The body shop as long as I can remember, their body wash, check! their body lotion, check! their body butter, check! their glossing serum and coconut shine for my hair, check! their almond things for nails, check! and even their peppermint spray and lotion for my feet, check! all that and all the way to their cactus brushes and bath gloves. I used it all. Me and my papa always shop buckets and buckets of their products. For me it's some kind of routine things that I do with my papa, shop in The Body Shop. Funny how the only thing that I don't buy at the The Body Shop are their face wash, probably because I've never heard they had one.

Something maybe are meant to be. One day a person from The Body Shop asked me do I want to be ambassador for The Body Shop for their face wash line Tea Tree, it happens not long after my papa passed away. I remember mumbling to myself, how funny it was. I can only imagine how my papa will react if he hear this news. He must be so happy and want me to take the offer, he's always been a big fan of The Body Shop, my theory is it must be something to do with the fact that body shop is against animal testing. So I take the offer in a heartbeat. I have no concerns whatsoever, because I know I will love the products. I've tried it and I was right, it's now my champ face wash products and from what I've heard the Body Shop Tea Tree line been everybody's favorite now. So, as a good ambassador that I am I will now give you some detail about my face wash routine.

I've actually used two products, The tea tree cool & creamy wash for my daily use and tea tree squeaky clean scrub that I use two days a week or whenever after I do some sport or outdoor activity ( my sister use this one daily tho')  . I will share the about the first one first, Tea Tree cool and creamy wash. Well I know you all must've been know how to wash your face, but I'm in the mood to share you the details so here the step by step on how to use it ;)

Here's the champ! 



The steps :

1. I splash my face with water.
2. I put the creamy soap in 6 spots on my face, chin, cheek ( left & right ), nose and forehead.
3. Rub with gentle massage ( you'll start to feel the cool sensation )
4. Rinse it with water ( I suggest a cool water )
5. Dry your face with soft towel

I do this routine twice a day.

First thing you'll notice after use Tea Tree Cool & Creamy wash is the freshness and cool sensation, so refreshing! it's even become my favorite part to wash my face before go to sleep, super relaxing. I used this one every morning and before sleep.I'm a very pleased user and a proud ambassador for this line. I've read so many great reviews about it too. You can find it in every The Body shop store or if you don't want any fuss you can buy it online on The Body Shop website, here's the link >> The Body Shop Website <<   and sure, you're welcome! ;)

Will make another review about Tea Tree Squeaky Clean scrub! soon! ;)