Gift gift gift..... gift gift gift

Since I'm playing there's some questions that I got a lot and do you know, one them is 
"My boyfriend will be having a birthday soon.... what do you think the best gift for him?"
"What gift should I give to my girlfriend? but please no mainstream gift"
"What best gift for my mom?"
 and so on and so on.... I mostly answered, it's your boyfriend/girlfriend/friend/father/mother you should know better than me ( a stranger in I mean, you are the one who spent times and know these person and you should know things they like the most, isn't logic?

It's not that I don't want to help, more than anything I'd love to help other people... but seriously I have no idea who the person is how on earth can I choose gift for them. I'm actually love picking gifts, it's a fun things to do, choosing something that will make your special someone happy, but again... I need to know that person personally. But, here's how I think I can help because, I think this can make your life ( well more your gift hunting) ten times easier.  I'm going to share about this website called a cool online marketplace it's basically one stop shop for many kind of things that you can use for yourself or you can get as a gift, in here you can find start from cool greetings card to photo album and the coolest thing is all stuff are curated by so all the stuff are  premium, unique and handmade gifts and yes to add the coolness all made in Indonesia ( Local brands rocks!). You can browse in the web all complete with price, so you can shop according to your budget.

This comes very handy for me,  I have school five days a week and in weekend I have tons work to do, so it's stressed me out to spent times in the mall choosing gift from one store to another store ( hahaha I just got tired just by imaging it) Another great thing is, this website have easy payment method from bank transfer, credit cards, doku, mandiri e-wallet and more they have it all, all you have to do is choose, click and pay, done all done. Choosing gift in your pajamas is not impossible anymore, hehehe. And this is where it gets better, they also have apps, so you can even shop from your phone! me happy! And here's the direct link to download  yes, yes you're welcome ;) you can also follow their instagram if you want @kadokadi

By the way in this picture, I have my gift that I got from a super super super (seriously) comfy pajamas and super cute panda pillow for my sleeping friend. And since I'm in good mood, here's I share some cool things that I found on the the web, hope it helps! And happy gift hunting guys!!!