First we eat, then we do everything else

I don’t know why, but not many people believe me when I told them that I eat a lot, like super a lot. I’m that kind of person who need to munch something while working or studying. It’s quite a troublesome on weekend or in public holiday, where all my maids are taking their day off. I know I can just cook, but you know on holiday or any lazy week days all you want to do is just sit, laid back and just watch TV with food on your hand (who’s with me?) especially when it’s raining outside. So, as a student (which about to enter exams stressful month), magazine columnist, creative director and another 10 jobs (mother from 3 fat cats is one them) I work almost 24/7, seriously….  sleeping is start to look like 8 hours of wasting time. Am I tired? Well of course, this body of mine isn’t made from steel (but my heart does though… hehehe) Am I happy? Absolutely. How do I keep myself happy? Good food is definitely one of the secret weapon, hehehe. 

That’s why I’m creating “Self indulging – I can eat anything I want to eat day” So, I use to have my indulgence day on Sunday (because of course I still work on Saturday). The problem is (also a blessing in disguise) on Sunday is also a day off day for my assistant and my maids. So, no one cooks, my sisters go with their dates and I’m of course too lazy to cook. And what’s the solution? HAIL TO DELIVERY SERVICE FOOD! Hahaha… I’ll wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is scrolling list of restaurant menu and I always, try to find the near one though, I don’t like to have my food all-soggy. Back in the old days, I have to do all tiring things like… Collect restaurant flyer menus, call the restaurant and what frustrating is when the price is sometimes changed, the menu changed and all that irritating stuff. But then the world evolve and most of restaurant have website now, so what I do browsing on the web, searching the phone number, calling them (it’s frustrating, because the line is always busy and I have to call and call again).  So my fellow hungry friend worry not, because I have found the perfect solution (I can’t help to feel a bit like Merlin the sorcerer now hahaha) recently I’ve made my delivery order through with this ordering food apps called Food Panda. So, it’s basically an apps to order food from your nearest area and you can browse all from your smartphone. To check it, you can just go to their website to see how the things work yourself in here Food Panda or  you can download the apps in here Food Panda Apps  .  So far I’m a very happy customer, now you’ll find me scheduling my indulgence day menu from lunch to dinner.  So yeah this girl who got question a lot about diet, is actually having burger for breakfast, tacos for lunch and chinese food for dinner. Hehehe. And here’s a bonus. Me and my burger king that I just ordered. Hehehe.