A charming woman is a busy woman ~ Loretta Young

Happy Holiday y'all! Hope you're having a great one. It's nice knowing that I can call myself good blogger lately (okay, a better than before) Hey, once in a month is a new record for me right? I used to M.I.A for three whole month and back with apologies. Hehehe... I like the feeling, I'm always feels guilty when I let my blog hiatus for long time. But, probably I'm not doing a good job as fashion blogger, just realize it's been a while since my last outfit post in my blog (blame it to instagram and ask.fm!) Well, actually blame it to my loads of work. Is it just me? Or is it really during holiday my desk job is actually getting more crazy it doesn't even make sense. I'm not complaining though, I love what I do. Spending time in my workshop until late is not as bad as it sound (but bad for my blog, hehehe) So I've come with solution, why not I show you my everyday working outfit? So it's nothing fancy or quirky, just normal everyday outfit where I can be comfortable moving around. If you see some that are quite more formal than the other it means I probably have meeting or have to meet someone outside the office.

You probably noticed that I'm wearing flip flops or a comfort espadrilles most of the time, well coming from tropical country with humid weather you'll be sending thank you noted to whoever created flip flops for the first time. As a decision maker on the workshop I'll find myself running here and there a lot and even get dirty in some part of my workshop, great things by wearing flip flops I can just rinse it afterward. Quite handy right?
Havaianas always been my first to go place to get myself a decent flip flops for work, first it's comfort and second (okay, actually this is the main reason) they have darn cute designs and pattern and big variety to choose, because this girl right here ain't easy to please. More to add, it's nice when even your flip flops can be conversation starter "cute flip flops! Where did you get it from?" is something I get a lot.

And oh if you want to get yourself a pair you can head to www.universo.co.id for a better look I always find it easier to browse around first before I buy one. So here you go... my everyday working outfit :) This all for now and this busy girl need to get herself work again. Ciao people!

*plus a closer pic of my flip flops hehehe.

PS : For those who asked, yes yes I will continue my summer fling story soon. Hehehe....