I was sad, but then I bought something online. I feel better now. Much better.

Busy day, super busy life… I’m basically running everyday from place to place, I believe everyone is agree 24 hours/day is not enough, not even close. Forget about 8 hours beauty sleep, I’m happy if I can get 5 hours for sleep. Plus, if you haven’t heard the traffic here in my city (Jakarta, Indonesia) is pure hell, people keep saying going to 3 places in a day is a mission impossible (unless you are using helicopter I guess). On weekend where everybody goes for relaxation or such, I on the other hand need to work, but then again malls are too crowded for my liking. I hate bumped to people over and over again, kids running around. It’s too chaotic for my chaotic mind. 

But girls need their shopping time, am I right?! Can I hear an “AYE!!” please? Hahahaha. Guilty as charged, I love to shop and I agree to everyone who says that shopping is a form of a meditation. Though I found myself not as hardcore as before, where I just buy whatever is cute in store. I’m more calm and focus now in the term of shopping (age don’t lie peeps!). Like, when I need bag… I zen myself and focus on the bag and will be home with bag only (I’m such a pro…). Wait, back to shopping story. With packed schedule, traffic jam, crowded malls and other reasons, going to malls to shop is not as fun as it used to be for me. But like I said before girls need their shopping meditation time. Aaaand this is where online shop comes in handy. I love how now most of brand have website where you buy their products online, but what I love more is online marketplace where there’s thousand of brands and you can just type things you need and they will show you many options with various model, type and price range. Bye bye time consuming shopping. 

Like the other day, I have to go for fabric hunting on weekend, it’s already Wednesday and I need to bring my small mirrorless camera and realized that I don’t have small camera bag (the one that I have is a bit too small). And bless you whoever invented online marketplace because just like that *snaps* (insert a fingers snap sound) my new cute camera bag is on it’s way. Ordered via www.bukalapak.com love love love how they have huge variation for me to choose, because I don’t want my camera bag just useful it have to be cool too and I found one! Also you’ll find there will be different seller selling same items and sometimes with different price, so you have all the benefit to choose the one with lowest price (but keep in mind you also need to pay attention to seller reputation) even though you don’t need to worry much, www.bukalapak.com have system where if the product you want wasn’t available they will refund your money without fuss at all. Se, it’s not a really bad day anymore right?

I’m sure by now you’re dying to see my new camera bag right? Here you go… the price is only around $ 10 me happy, me likey! Stress what stress?? Hahahaha 

I found online shopping is easy, n fuss at all, but I still receive so many questions about how to shop online, so here you go I give you a basic step by step on how to shop. 

But first lemme give you some tips, hope you'll find it useful. 

1. When shopping in online market you will find several store that sell same stuff, bring out the economist side of you and compare the price. 
2. You'll find the cheapest one, but... here's but... look carefully on their feedback score the bigger % is better. Actually bukalapak have system that will save you from bad seller but mostly the case is the store don't have it in stock. So 100% is a good sign. 
3. Read people reviews, I love how buka lapak very open on every store where we can read reviews from former shopper. 

So there's that! And here you go!