It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Hello all! Merry Christmas! And Happy holiday! Hope you and all of your loved one having a great time! Because I do!

Since it's holiday and holiday is just another name for "great food day everyday" I'm so proud to announce that during my holiday I was able to do another Cold Press detox day! And yes, still on top of my game it's another 3 Day Detox! YAY ME!

So, it's the same detox as the first one, you can read it here ; 3 days detox program but, I noticed some changes during my 2nd detox. It's waaaaaay easier, not 2 times easier, I can really say it's 5 times easier. I'm not craving for food or any solid food, all I can't wait is to open another Cold Press bottle. Plus I don't know it's just me or what, but they taste better than ever, my last favorite is the nutty one and for the rest I love them equally. 3 days detox feels like nothing and I know this is weird but I'm quite sad when the detox end, because I swear I feel energized and healthier and this is might be a big question everyone keep asking about "Do I lose weight?" Yup I do, I lost 2,5 kg but that's not just it everyone keep compliment my skin, they say I look glowing and healthy. I'm one of those sickly kid who always have fever, cough every month and looking pale and thankfully I'm able to keep healthy the past few months and no doctor's visit hohoho, so again, yay me!

So, to everyone... have fun, eat! But remember to keep healthy, spent some hours to exercise, drink a lot of water too! Don't be too stress, enjoy your life! Happy Holiday folks!

PS : I can't get enough of how cool Cold Press new bottle are! And bigger too! Hohoho. If you want to try you can get more info by visit their website in here - COLDPRESS WEBSITE