Don't let anyone tell you you're too young to accomplish something. Baby shark is still a f**k*ng shark

Hello people! It's been a while I know... again, no excuses... School and work(ssss). Yeah, most of my time is consumed by my work. No, not gonna complain... I'm a busy bee and the truth is work is the only thing that keep me sane lately. I've been working my ass off for my EN.PENS , esp this couple of month but still it's not enough. So hereby I'm sending my apologies to whoever asking for a price list request on EN.PENS email or through personal email and still not getting any reply yet (I think we left behind about 200-300 email...)  Me and my team already working like a crazy. Yes yes, I know I need more admin, but the thing is... whoever join our team is practically and automatically become our family member and just so you know, it ain't easy. When you pick a family, you keep searching that "feeling" that they are one of you and I have very limited time to do all interview and all. So again, it's me.  I have a lot of homework, I know.

And the other thing about my bag, they all handmade and like all handmade item, it takes time to make it, each one of it. One simple mistake means start from zero. Ughh.... And I don't want to force my craftsman like some oompa loompa, I want they to smiling and singing while working, I believe it add more soul to the bag. I'm a lousy boss, I know. 

Enough with all my annoying rambling. All in all I'm a very very proud momma. I know when I make it people will love it, but not as much as this, seriously. I don't even know what to say anymore. I would like to thank you all for the love for my EN.PENS bag, it means the world to me. I still remember the first time I have this idea for my bag, people keep telling me, it's impossible to make and I keep answering them with "what should I do to make it possible?" And my friend, a will always find a way.  I know I can always just take an easy road, make a simple bag with minimum risk, minimum cost (I don't have to keep make a sample again and again and again) but where's the fun? I don't want to create something that will only take 5 minutes for people to imitate. People said there's nothing new under the sun, well there is... you just need to be little crazy and play with your imagination. I have to tell you, that feeling when you see a pic of a gorgeous human being with impeccable taste strolling around the street of New York, Milan, Jakarta, Tokyo with your bag on their hand is unspeakable, moreover some of them carry it on fashion week season.

I received so many question about how to start a brand, and these people keep telling me about they dream, bla bla bla.... enough with the dream, my advice is "just start." You will fall, of course you will, but then you will also learn to get up and not to fall again, as simple as that. People also ask me do people look down on you because your age? The answer is, not all the time, but most of the time. What do you expect? Of course people will raise they eyebrows when they know they will have meeting with 17 years old, goofy, awkward clumsy girl. All I need is to prove them that I'm competent and I know what I'm doing. In just 5 minutes they will absolutely forget about my age. 

Yup, you go and tell them that baby shark is still a freakin shark. 

Last but not least, all I can say is... stay hungry, don't satisfied. Yes I keep troubling myself with my imagination and the urge to make it happen, but that's what make it fun right? 

Will left you with pic of my EN.PENS bag. Now, I'm in a way to create a new design (and somehow to make it possible to make) hehehe. Stay tune and keep watching. 

Kisses and hugs!