I am Bright

I start this post by stating that I am feeling sad. Every time (well, most of the time) I posted something on my instagram, people will send comments and compliments… or what they thought was a compliment for me… but the truth is, some of their comments/compliments are actually breaking my heart. And those are these kinds of comments: “your skin is so pale, I want your skin”, “Cha, how to have skin like you?”, “I want your skin color!” and of course other things… “I want your leg”, “I want your hair”, “I want your…” (I believe there’s someone who wants to have fingers like mine)… Then when I just got back from holiday and my skin is darker than usual people start send questions “getting darker eh?” Like it’s a bad thing… My only question is WHY? I’m a total believer that every skin tone is equally beautiful, you just need to take good care of it, because again… healthy is beautiful. Watching ads that promote “the whiter you are, the prettier you become”, really breaks my heart into pieces. Moreover, because in our country we have various skin tone and again they are all beautiful. Have confidence, because the truth is… self-love is oozing confidence and confidence is oozing beauty. You need to love yourself to be beautiful. I probably sound like a broken record by now, but I mean it… all you have to do is love yourself.  There’s nothing wrong with admiring someone’s beauty, but using so many products to duplicate what you think is beauty is just not right. The worst is, when you think that what you have is less beautiful… because that is when you’re so wrong. 


I had enough with this “whitening crap”… so that’s why when I heard about Clean & Clear’s #IAmBright movement I jumped on the bandwagon right away (please note that brighter is not same as whiter, brighter means healthier). Their tagline is “Celebrate the Brightness of Indonesian’s Diverse Skin Colors”… it’s awesome, right?! I just love it when a big brand such as Clean & Clear do the exact opposite of what is common trend, and having a voice that really stands up for something, a voice that I truly believe, a voice that is telling us to celebrate our skin color, to accept and to love who we are, and be proud of our various and natural skin tone. Now, I can’t wait to try the new Clean & Clear Natural Bright Face Wash, why?! Because I know I celebrate my skin color, how about you?