On a Bad Day There's Always Lipstick

I believe there's actually 3 seasons in my country. The dry, the rainy and the wedding season. We clearly having the last one right now, this is my fifth bridesmaid duty in the past two months. Super tired because of the entire fitting, meeting, plus so many ceremonial thing to remember, but since I’ve been doing this a lot lately, I’m a bit pro now. Hehehe, and again looking at the bride’s happy face is everything, I’m glad I can give a little help. For my last duty the theme is gold and since I’m running out of time to make one (usually bridesmaid wearing a custom made dress) plus the bride don’t want us to look all the same, she just ask us to wear a gold dress. So, it’s my Tadashi Shoji gold dress come to the rescue, only wore it once for dinner party few months ago and now it’s another perfect moment to wear it again, hohoho. So here you go…  


Other than compliment about the dress (well of course) I also received a lot of compliment on the lipstick that I use that day. They are wondering because they are noticed that my lipstick is stay on from morning till afternoon (while I keep munching snacks, because well… I’m always hungry) they think I’m wearing lip gloss because it’s glossy like lip gloss (as you can see on the picture above) What I actually use is none other than my YSL Vynil Lip Cream. I’m using number 402 called Rouge Remix, I like it’s a bit pink-ish and also a bit red. You may ask what’s the different with any other lipstick? Hmm.. I’ve tried some lipstick before and I can say I never tried this kind of lipstick before, it’s liquid and give you that stain (like a lip tint?) but more pigmented so it’s covers my lips perfectly, the texture is soft and not dry and on top of all that it’s give you a shine like a lip gloss so you look fresh all the time. And oh, to add another coolness to it, you can engrave your name (initial, or anything) on this lipstick. No more friend asking “Can I have this?” because why would she wants lipstick with your name on it… hehehe, now I wish I can engrave my name in all of my lipstick. Thinking to get myself another one, probably number 404 Nude Pulse and 412 Rose Mix, because look at this beauty!