Ways To Always Win Trading in Binary-JB88

Ways To Always Win Trading in Binary

Here I will share how to always WIN or win playing trading in Binary. Maybe there are many other friends who have explored about various tricks and methods that promise always profit in binary but it doesn't hurt if I peel the way to always play binary.

Ok, not at length, this is my personal experience from my own analysis of how I can maximize profits in the concretemarkets as follows:

1. First Understand market trends.
Bro, all of you I suggest to fully understand the trends of the market you choose and the opening hours of the market, namely trading opening hours from each market, Tokyo, London and America, It needs to be understood that because in binary there is only a market for USD / JPY and EUR / USD, of course we are easier to observe unlike in other Broker Metatrader4 systems. in the morning at 12:00 a.m. the Tokyo market and 12.00 -18.00 in London and 18.00 -06.00 USA. and a good time playing in the binary is between 06.00 - 07.00 which is ahead of the closing of the USA market and the opening of Tokyo time.

2. Second Look at UP movement and DOWN the market
You all have to pay attention to market trends in which direction you want to trade binary, for example the current UER / USD position tends to rise, you please play in binary RIDE / DOWN and select RISE position and click with a combination of capital pairs 1,2,4,6 so vice versa if DOWN.

3. Third Install Target WIN and LOSSE
A good trader is someone who really understands and knows we will lose or win, if we can understand it all, I am sure we can always profit a lot rather than loss. if the capital is only 10 $, logically it won't always profit above the capital, if only I can be sure the next day will lose more than capital ... remember natural law exists when we win and when we lose. But if we set a target of 30% WIN and LOSS of capital, I am sure we can and win.

4. All four must relax and be sure to always profit
Everyone, our order and mindset that each of our trades will win, I'm sure we will win more than the loss.

the key word is we have to be sick first, I hope the article I made above is useful and helpful for trending Binary options.