An Easy Way to Binary Trading So that Always Must Be Profit 99.9% Profit 00.1 Loss-JB88

An Easy Way to Binary Trading So that Always Must Be Profit 99.9% Profit 00.1 Loss

This time I want to share one of the most effective ways that is also effective in bringing huge profits even with minimal capital, playing must be patient not like those who use tick duration or minutes that can be seen the results quickly but also the big risk is just a matter of minutes the capital is lost floating without direction and purpose if you haven't really mastered the science of trading in binary.

First open then log in to each account, then look at the settings as shown below:

  1. Select the Volatilies Index (in my case above choosing 75) can choose another according to taste.
  2. The setting duration is 15 hours
  3. High offset limits fill with +25 and low offset limits fill with -25.
  4. The capital is up ,,,, the more the more delicious it feels to get a dollar.
  5. Then click the Buy Ends Between button (try to pay attention only with $ 1 capital can get $ 24 more).
  6. There is no time limit ,,,, it's up to what time you want to trade.
  7. After clicking buy just ignore it or close the browser no problem.
  8. Because this is manual trading so we have to check every hour or when there is time to check it before 15 hours is up and if the profit is between 1% -17% click the Sell On Market button as shown below.
  9. By going to a binary account then clicking on the Portfolio section next to the Trade menu
  10. To find out whether it is profitable or loss, look at the number that I give the red box if it is still minus, it means it still loses and if the minus sign is not there, it means profit.

This rading can be done many times, if you are lucky, repeat it from the beginning.