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Get to Know Binary Option Trading

Trading binary options. The first time when faced with this term, the author immediately focused on the words "binary" (two) and "option" (choice). Two choices. Choose what, and how to choose? That is what makes the writer curious. Finally, the author tried to study it more deeply.

Trading binary options. Yes, that is the name of one of the big brands today among several other brands that have been raised by market speculators. Actually, binary trading includes several other trades, including forex trading, cryphto trading, commodities, stock indices, and others. Each trading line is provided by a brokerage site in the form of a trading service provider company.

The reader needs to know that binary trading is a trading effort carried out by buying foreign exchange online based on the movements of the exchange rate on international exchanges with a "fluctuating" exchange rate pattern, which can go up and down. This volatile nature that cannot be predicted by lay people. It can only be predicted by people who are already experts and are familiar with money market movements.

Because it depends on the rapid fluctuation of peer access power or the online network used by individual traders, then as a market justice step so that individuals involved in "trading binary options", are not harmed, then the "broker trading binary option" system always provides:

1. Tutorial on how to trade
2. Limiting the fall of trader options
3. Provides robotic predictors

These three facilities are in line with the individual interests of traders to set "seconds of transaction deals" so that the money can be exchanged at that time. In addition, the three facilities above also have a connection with the internet access power used by traders with source information. Therefore, every brokerage site at the beginning of its introduction always advises traders to provide good and fast internet access as fluctuating exchange rates in each second change and continue to change.

In option trading, a trader only has two choice speculations, namely choosing to go up or down with the time limit when starting to press "deals" until the time expires (time expires). When this expiration, the actual transaction occurs. Because there is a possibility that the exchange rate at the time of expiration (actual trading time) rises or falls against the currency to be exchanged, then a robotic predictor is completed on a brokerage site that traders can use as a transaction guide.

Following this, the reviewer presents several elements / parties involved in binary option trading which are important to know so that later our study of fiqh transactions can be more conical.

1. Traders, as individuals who decide to trade. The role of the trader is: as an investor and transaction decision maker (option).

2. Asset traded. Assets in trading binary options can include "foreign currency pairs" (USD / EUR, AUD / USD, GBP / USD, IDR / USD), commodity assets (for example: petroleum, gold, copper, wheat, coffee, etc. other), Shares (Google, Microsoft, Alibaba, Facebook, Citibank, Boeing), and Stock Indices.

3. Brokers, for example, are Olymp Trade, IQ Option, with offices in Limassol, Cyprus and operating since 2013. The role of these brokers is equivalent to the Stock Exchange. The difference is that the Stock Exchange is a direct market that brings together sellers and buyers, while brokers are indirect markets because traders have to deal with online media.

4. Robotic predictors, which play a role in providing an analysis of market movements so that a trader can make a "speculative estimate" of the price of an asset within the predetermined timeframe through the option.

5. Option. This option is limited based on the time span chosen by traders in trading speculation. Again "options" are directly proportional to the trader's internet access power and the commodity / asset / currency exchange market trends in the world that are fast. These seconds and minute rates can be very different from the exchange rate 30 minutes later.

6. A deposit is a virtual savings of a trader. Its role resembles a Custodian Bank, which is a place to store / deposit assets owned by traders. The difference is that the trader can directly control the deposit seconds and minutes it also requires without going through a complicated journey process.

7. Internet Access Speed and Computer Devices, as a checklist for traders to make transactions. The role of internet access and computer networks (pair section) is very decisive for predictor accuracy and transaction time.