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IQ Option Trading Strategy with 90% Profit

IQ Option Trading Strategy with 90% Profit - the following strategies might be useful and suitable for you. I read this guide and strategy applied on the Olymp Trade website but I tried it with a demo account on iq option, it turned out to be 90% profit, only the constraints in terms of deposits / capital that must be large. 

Quick Guide to Order UP or DOWN: Try the Trading Demo First to Practice
  1. See the position of the far right candle chart as a benchmark for ordering UP or DOWN
  2. Choose the number of orders for example 100 $ or 10 $ or 1 $
  3. Select1 Min
  4. Click "UP" to order UP when the chart is green and the candle moves every minute
  5. Click "Open a trade" to activate the order
  6. Wait for 1 minute to see the results, if it is successful, you will profit up to 90% of your order

  • Click UP if the estimated price will rise after 1 minute
  • Click DOWN if the estimated price will DOWN after 1 minute
  • After you click CALL or PUT, your order data will appear walk backwards for 1 minute and you can see the results.
  • If the profit becomes 185%, for example, order $ 10 if profit becomes = $ 18.5 if Loss becomes $ 0

Trading IQ Option strategies with 90% profit

This trading trick is suitable to run to anticipate if your order has LOSS. By making another order with 2 times the amount of your order that is LOSS so that if your order gets profit then it can cover the amount of your LOSS order. 

IMPORTANT: In order to be able to run this 100% profit strategy, you must deposit more than $ 100 and can start orders from $ 5 only. The bigger your deposit, the better so you can implement this strategy freely.

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