Profit Strategy at 2019 Binary Trading-JB88

Profit Strategy at 2019 Binary Trading, formerly called BetOnMarkets, is a place to get easy profits by trading through forex market analysis, indexes, stock exchanges and commodities. With just a minimum of $ 1, you can play trading by doubling your every capital to just a few seconds. In binary you can do it anytime because the market is open 24 hours Monday to Sunday. If trading on other than you may find Saturday and Sunday holidays but not at

How to start trading at
The first step to start trading at is that you have to register first here, click create account, enter your name and email, confirm your email and start logging in with your id or email,
After that, you can start to deposit. Or you can also use Dollar perfectmoney, Skrill, Okpay, Fasapay, bitcoin etc. Like what I did was a deposit using perfect money.

We recommend that if you are a beginner friend, you can trade using a virtual account there, you can learn to trade by approaching virtual capital of $ 10,000 attractive, right?
What are the profit strategy?

First strategy, compound technique
with a $ 1 win capital of $ 1.97, $ 1.97 is traded to $ 3.88, $ 3.88 is traded for $ 7 so. On YouTube from a mentor "Breaking binary" starting from $ 10 to $ 15,000 by doing this Compound technique.
But this is not easy when you trade using real money. Make good mentality sometimes stop for a moment and sometimes trade again for profit targets

Second Tip, lose multiply by two
this is simple like buddy lose $ 1, then multiply friend 2 by trading $ 2. If with $ 2 you still lose and multiply the two in this way you can cover your funds to maintain a win.

But the disadvantage of this technique is that you just have to have a bigger capital and strong mentality to win.

The third tip, set techniques such as volleyball

This is the technique I'm using, bro, how do you do it? make 2 tabs, the first tab is the portfolio, the second tab is to start trading, you start the image on SET paper just like playing volleyball Let's say we make a set of 10 x, for example
Both sets have been made, as in the beginning, as you play volleyball, the friend you do is win in each set. Buddy starts at SET 1 with $ 1 if the win continues to compound until your perceived point ends SET 1. Such as you play in SET 1 with $ 1 to the point of $ 7 friend win. Then stop and write on the paper that your friend wins with a score of 7 - 0: D
Playing on SET 2 with $ 1 turns out that your friend lost $ 1, then relax and write that you lose $ 1, you lose 0-1, your overall score is fortunate, isn't it?
To enter the 3rd SET, make sure you are calm, if you are still out of control, ambition aka lust play 10 minutes later. Friend entered SET 3 and now your friend wins $ 3, you feel enough, then stop and prepare to enter in set 4
After SET 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, you note how many scores you found. Friend won a landslide victory or not If you win then congratulations. To prepare for the match victory tomorrow you can practice using virtual If you find a win and the balance looks 50% profit then make a withdrawal or withdrawal.

Thus the article about the Profit Strategy at Trading may be useful.