Don't compromise yourself. It's all you've got - Janis Joplin

Hellooooo! I'm back!!! it's holiday! so I'm back!!! don't bother to ask about my exams, what is done is done, I already do my best so now I can only pray. Ahh! how I miss my blog so much! So how you guys doing? is live being nice to you lately as they are to me? well I hope they do :) Hmm since I've been missing like more than a month I got tons of things to catch up! so be ready for long post! (as always) hehehe.

God knows how I always wish I could make a post about my dad and I also received so many question about my dad and there's quite some number that asked me to post more about my dad (especially his photos) I'm so happy there's so many of you who like my dad, but I'm super sorry, for now it won't be happening. I asked my dad permission like a gazillion times to make a post about him, and he said hell no! in a second! no fun eh? but don't worry I'm still working on it, just wait hehehe. So in a meantime how about I make a post that related to him? hope this would do.

When so many baby out there growing up listening to child song, I was not. But yeah of course I watched Barney's too! Being the smallest in the family makes me influenced by so many kind of song, and different era too. My dad's era, my sister's era. Until now when my sister's friends come they would recognize me as the kid who slept with booklet of slipknot pictures under my bed, and they say back then I always said "knot knot" (as for slipknot) every time I saw the tribal sign, crazy eh? yes I once a slipknot fans and all that when I was three, geez now I feel weird. ( PS : don't google slipknot! you'll have a bad dream) and ohhh I do bang my head when Limp Bizkit music is played! Blame my sisters! Other than those rock music my sisters also introduced me to many great singers and bands. So I do kind of sad that many of my friends don't have a clue about Radiohead, REM, Rialto, Collective Soul and many other singer and band ( if you around my age and have no idea who they are I'll suggest you to google them, no! search them on youtube!) , because their song are brilliant. I've been told "ah you and your old soul".

Talking about my old soul, the person who got to take biggest blame is of course my dad. Hmm, when other baby in the womb maybe listening to classic music by Mozart or Chopin ( I've heard that is the right song a baby in a womb should hear, it's stimulate their brain or something like that) I was not! my mother told me that when I'm in the womb my dad makes me listening to... (drumroll please) Janis Joplin ladies and gentlemen! and that's still goes on after I was born and until now. He said that if heard classic can make me smart then listening to Janis Joplin would make me smart, brave and unique. What a cool excuses.

Not just Janis, I grew up listening to many others of his favorite music by Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Procol Harum, Uriah Heep, Grand Funk Railroad, Pink Floyd, Joe Cocker, Fleetwood Mac, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Gladys Knight & The Pips, Blacks Sabbath, Temptations, Slade, David Bowie, John Mayall, Barry White, Flora Purim, Inger Gundersen, Emi Fujita, Eva Cassidy, Alison Krauss, Jenet Seidel, Jheena Loodwick, Nnenna Freelon, Holly Cole, Daniel Nahmod, Barbara Mendes and the list is still go on and on and I can do this all night! Don't asked me how the hell I can memorized all those names? you will do to if you already heard their names since probably you can memorize anything ( again, if you have no idea who they are I command you to search them on youtube! I promise you they worth your loading time)

Back to Janis Joplin story, as for my dad, if you don't want at least (I repeat 'at least') 2 hours lectures about story and history of Janis Joplin then don't bother to ask. My old man love this lady too much, he can stop talking about her, dancing ( making a very weird move to be precise) over her song, or just sitting in his big old leather chair while closing deep of his eyes and listening to her song, like he was taken to another place. He even don't allow me listening to her song in my music player, he said Janis Joplin song must be played in the right way and that means only with his high end audio amplifier audiophile with all that strange bulb and everything. He said that this is the real way to listening the real music. I once asked my dad how such a genius have to had a tragic ending and he answer with slightly teary eyes (I swear it was teary!) it just to show us that even genius makes mistake.

My sister told me every time I cried when I was a baby my dad will played Janis Joplin song "cry baby" and suddenly I would stop crying, so it can be said, Janis sang my lullaby (in my opinion it got something to do with me already heard her song since I'm still in the womb, probably her voice is something familiar for me) and for that I can't stop thinking how blessed I am, that I have dad who introduced me to her and her song, her emotion in every each of her song, oh my God the soul and emotion in every of her song in so unbearable. She sang "piece of my heart" like no others and trust me there's no other singer who can sing that song better than her, not in a gazillion years! not even an inch close! Her cracked and rough voice somehow just eat your soul alive, you can feel the soul, the depth of emotion she's put into her song in every piece of your bones. seriously is hard to describe.

You know when you heard a song and it's just like gone deep deep (to deep!) through your heart, like you feel the pain, like you want to cry with her? like your heart is beating faster and suddenly you got goosebumps all over? She done that to me, listen to her "to love somebody" song somehow makes me feel the heartache of loving someone and that's strange since I never falling in love to anybody yet. Oh my God! now I sounds just like my dad! But seriously she's genius. I desperately thinks I was born in wrong era, seriously I think I am.

And speaking of which since I love this lady so much, I would love to make a tribute for her. But since you know I'm suck at singing, I'll done it in something I know, well of course her fashion style. Janis always has this free soul look and style, so this is something I imagine she probably will wear, what you guys think? Do I nailed this hippies look? do I ? do I?

hat : a gift
glasses : a gift
shirt : topshop
outerwear : my sister old blazer
jeans :
boots : promod
eye ball necklaces : shamanistic
random bangles ( f21, mango, etc)

dress : my sister old dress
faux fur vest : Zara kids

blue sweater : Little Nuh
(This is actually one of my favorite top from Little Nuh 2nd collection)
pants : Zara kids

I'm one of those regular weird people
- Janis Joplin

purple shirt : studio
long orange outerwear : DIY stuff
faux fur vest : Zara kids
brown belt : my dad christian dior tie ( yes I'm so dead)
pants : levis

Speaking of which talking about born in wrong era, if it's related to music, yes I consider myself born in wrong time. BUT ( yes it's a big but) related to technology and modern things well not so much. Yes called me a geek, but I can't live without technology ( I always wondering how on earth do people lived when there's no internet and cellphones? tell me how? I just clueless how they survived back then). And yes one of the most important things that I love is cellphone, I just can't live without my cellphone! And I must admit I got all excited when it comes to the new technology and everything. So when I know Nokia is giving me their newest Nokia N9 I'm beyond excited! they even let me have it before it's officially launched! how cool is that? it's like I just got an early birthday gift! super happy! I remember my very first cellphone was Nokia and do you know I still kept it until now. When they offer me the first thing I do is google about it, and I'm in love in an instant with the look. They say that this Nokia N9 market is young generation and stylish, well they done a great job with the design, J'adore! And when I hold and see it alive I love it even more, I just love phone that feels right in your hand, and it does! and I love love love all the application! they have this cool application to download song for free and it's all legal! Ay caramba! and how everything is only swipe away! and the most important thing of course the camera, ehem since they use carl zeiss lens I don't have to say anything anymore, I love how everything is crystal clear like having camera that can you use as a cellphone! So I spending a whole day learning about this Nokia N9, I amaze with the built in GPS and the quality of the sound and video! and the best part from all of it is that I can use it as walking wi fi! how cool is that?! oh the only thing I found missing is that snake game! I'm so good at snake games! Now I want to say thank you sooo much Nokia for the early birthday gift! love it sooo much!

And writing this post just now just reminds me I have a photo of my dad when he was young and since this post related to him, I guess there's no harm putting this old picture of him here. (if someday you found it missing, then that means I take it down because you what, right? hehehe) Hohoho but I hope he don't mind. So here's ladies and gentlemen my dad. I've been told so many times by my dad friends that I do remind them of my dad when he was young, we speak alike, we move alike. Well they don't know we even heard the same music. hehehe. so do we alike?

And by the way I think I have to go to world record, I guess I just break my own record for the longest blogpost ever made, hahahaha. Have a great weekend everybody! Ciao!