Cold Press ID 3 days Cleansing Program Review

I always well known as a kid with big appetite (shocking eh?) Just like I wrote in my previous post I basically loves to eat a bit too much, but I'm also love to keep balance on everything juices, healthy food, organic products are always in stock for me to balancing my crave and love for fast food and sweet goods. I can't seem to keep myself away from cakes, chocolate, macaroons and all those "oh my God! So Good!" things (don't blame me, blame it all to the baker! Hahaha). 

But, like I said before I always try to have a balance life, when I eat more then I work out more simple as that. If today I eat a lot sweets then I will not have until week from now. Turned out it's not enough, if you follow me on my you'll know that I have sleeping problem, I've been awake a whole night and have my sleep during the day, it's quite unhealthy right? I also get cranky all day. 

So when I've heard that this cleansing program by Cold Press and how it can give you a restful sleep after the program I'm on board baby! So what make it different than usual juice? Here you go... 

Being my true self who always ... I repeat always been an overachiever, on my first try I jumped all the way to 3 days detox program! (if you are first timer, you might want to try 1 day program first so) So being a first timer and do the 3 days program, the question you may have probably, "is that doable?" The answer is YES, I've finished my 3 days program and I must say the first day is actually the hardest, I get all cranky and moody and feel super hungry! Like I'm craving for solid food so bad, but I told myself that this is a mind game and I need to win. And I do win! Yeay me! On day 2 my body probably already adjusting so I don't crave or have nausea as musch as I have on the day 1 but I do sweat a lot! Doing simple things and I'm all sweating. This is probably different for everyone but on the day 3 I feel energized! And during program I sleep like a baby! and it keeps that way for whole week (sadly, now I'm back to vampire mode- I guess I need to make this program a routine things so my body can adjust and hopefully I can have a good sleep every night). 

Things I also noticed is that, my cravings for sweet and salty snacks are reducing a lot! Like a lot. I feel energized and work faster and somehow think clearer (this is based on comments I've received from people around me during and after the cleanse program). If you want to try, you can go right away to their web at and you can get all information you need there.

I must say this program is something everyone should try and make it habit because being healthy is a must! Will leave you with pictures on how I take my detox / cleansing program on day 1! along with the review! Decided to make a fun one with colors and all! Hehehe. Again! Keep healthy guys!